2018 Provincial Grand Assembly

On Saturday the 24th of February, the Annual Grand Assembly of Valencia was held at the Hotel Grand Bali in Benidorm. This was a very well attended meeting with more than two hundred Masons in attendance. The meeting was opened by the Provincial Grand Master, R.W.Bro. Michael Anthony Shilan at 11:00, after which numerous Grand Lodge Officers of this and other Provinces were warmly welcomed.

This year we were also honoured by the presence of the Most Worshipful Grand Master of Spain, the M.W.Bro. Óscar de Alfonso, who was accompanied by two Assistant Grand Masters of Spain, R.W.Bro. Barrie Roy Mansell and R.W.Bro. Lawrence Howard.

The Provincial Grand Master was delighted to reappoint his Deputy Provincial Grand Master, W.Bro. Rodney Charles Bignell and his two Assistant Provincial Grand Masters, W.Bro. Roy Alan Mitchell and V.H. Eladio González Jover.  V.W.Bro. Jeffrey Steven Hyde was reappointed as the Provincial Senior Grand Warden and W.Bro. Terrence Porter was obligated and invested as the Provincial Junior Grand Warden with special thanks to the outgoing Provincial Junior Grand Warden, W.Bro. Ronald Charles Knight who moved to Past Provincial Senior Grand Warden.

New items were introduced to the proceedings this year including a presentation of all the current Worshipful Masters of each Lodge in the Province.

Long service certificates were issued to those Brethren who have completed exceptional lengths of service to the Craft, they are namely;

W.Bro. Keith Moseley San Juan de Espana No.28
40 years
W.Bro. Keith Norcutt Javea Lodge No.40
40 years
W.Bro. Cornelius van der Wiel Leukopolis No.85
40 years
Bro. Jacob. de Leest Leukopolis  No.85
45 years
W.Bro. Dilwyn Philips Old Tower No.49
40 years

In addition there were two Brethren who sadly could not be present for the ceremony who also have long service awards;

Bro. Kenneth Banks-Schofield Old Tower No.49 50 years
R.W.Bro. Ray J. Horn Pueto de Xabia No.58
50 years

This Assembly is one of, if not the most, important meetings in our calendar. It is a chance for Masons of all ranks to meet, renew old acquaintances and discover what has been happening, and approve the plans and budget for the forthcoming year within the Province.

It is also where promotions and honours are bestowed upon deserving Masons and when the Provincial Grand Master has a chance to meet with and thank the Brethren for their help and support over the past year.  He was particularly pleased this year to note that representatives of every Lodge in the Province were present.

A full list of the new Provincial Executive as well as all Provincial Officers is included within this website and the following Decreto’s were issued listing the appointments Decreto_No_57 and Decreto_No_58.

The Provincial Grand Master also announced the name of his ‘Mason of the Year’ and for 2018 the Mason honoured from this Province is W.Bro. Gordon Ramshead of Dama de Elche Lodge No.163

The full speech delivered by the Provincial Grand Master is available for you to read here in both English and castellano.

The Provincial Grand Treasurer, W.Bro. Frederick C. Miller presented the Annual Report of the Treasurer for 2017 and its associated Provincial Balance Sheet for 2017 along with the budget for 2018 which were unanimously approved by the Brethren present.



After the meeting, the Brethren dined with the Grand Master, the Provincial Grand Master and many Grand Officers. A raffle was held which raised a significant sum which, along with other money raised, will be donated to local charities.

The Provincial Grand Master also stated that El Preventorio children’s home in Gandia was to be his chosen charity for the year along with the Masonic summer school in Guadalest to which the children of El Preventorio are often invited.

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