Puerto de Xàbia – Lecture


Step right up, ladies and gentlemen, for a whirlwind journey through the intriguing world of Masonic aprons! On February 13th 2024, that’s what Puerto de Xàbia Lodge had the pleasure of enjoying.

Picture this: W. Bro. Peter de Graaf, our esteemed guide, regaling us with tales that span centuries. With wit and wisdom, he unravelled the enigmatic origins of the Masonic apron, from its humble beginnings in the hands of medieval operative Masons to the dazzling array of designs we sport today.

Hold onto your hats (or apron strings) as W. Bro. De Graaf unveiled his treasure trove of research, whisking us away on a whirlwind tour of aprons worn by luminaries like George Washington, as well as those from the bonnie lands of Scotland and Ireland. We delved into the hidden meanings and symbolism woven into every stitch, unlocking the secrets of Masonic tradition.

But wait, there’s more! We feasted our eyes on a dazzling display of aprons from across the globe, spanning Spain to Germany and beyond. It was a riot of colors, patterns, and emblems, each telling its own unique story of brotherhood and camaraderie.

And the ‘pièce de résistance’? W. Bro. De Graaf’s proud announcement that his prized collection of Masonic regalia will be offered as a permanent loan to the new Temple building, ensuring that generations of Freemasons in the Valencian Province can benefit from the glory of Masonic history for years to come. 


Aula de Enseñanza Masónica Eleuterio Maisonnave

Estimados Hermanos:
Compartimos y os invitamos a inscribiros y participar en el programa de formación del Aula de Enseñanza Masónica Eleuterio Maisonnave, de reciente creación, organizada por la R.L.S. Hiram Abif Nº80 y cuyo programa compartimos.
Las clases se impartirán una vez al mes, en idioma español y en formato virtual y serán impartidas por nuestro VH Jorge Juan Prieto Cueto. La primera sesión tendrá lugar el miércoles 22 de noviembre a las 20.00 horas. El título de la misma es “Historia de la Masonería en España, siglos XVIII-XIX”, tras la cual podremos compartir un fraternal y enriquecedor debate.
Os esperamos.

Dear Brothers:
We share  and invite you to register and participate in the training programme of the Eleuterio Maisonnave Masonic Teaching Classroom, recently created, organised by the R.L.S. Hiram Abif Nº80 and whose programme we share. The classes will be held once a month, in Spanish and in virtual format and will be given by our VH Jorge Juan Prieto Cueto.
 The first session will take place on Wednesday 22 November at 20.00 hours. The title of the conference is “History of Freemasonry in Spain, 18th-19th centuries”, after which we will be able to share a fraternal and enriching debate.
We look forward to seeing you.

Provincial Ladies’ Night 2023

Just a few photos from this spectacular event. (Photos courtesy of Bro. Alvaro Ochoa – Puerto de Xabia No. 58)

You can view all the photos HERE

Hiram Abif – Iniciación

We celebrated a Initiation ceremony and two additions to the second affiliation.

Celebramos una ceremonia de iniciación y dos incorporaciones en segunda afiliación.