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Annual Provincial Assembly 2020 – Grand Draw


The Annual Provincial Draw for 2019/2020 took place on Saturday 29th February at the Gran Bali hotel in Benidorm.  The winning Tickets and Prize Monies were as follows:

  • 1st Prize  Ticket Number 1886, Bjorn Morck -Dovre Lodge No 184 – 500 Euros
  • 2nd Prize Ticket Number 1871, Tom Halverson -Dovre Lodge No 184  – 250 Euros
  • 3rd Prize  Ticket Number 0772, Puerto De Xabia Lodge No 58  – 100 Euros
  • 4th Prize  Ticket Number 0407,   Santa Faz Lodge No 48 – 5 0 Euros  Ticket Number 1722,    Robert Ward, Dama De Elche Lodge – 50 Euros

V.W. Bro Fred Miller

Provincial Treasurer

PGM Visits Dovre No.184

The Provincial Grand Master, R.W. Bro. Michael Anthony Shilan was warmly greeted by the Worshipful Master, Wardens and Brethren of Dovre Lodge No.184 when he made an official visit to greet the Brethren and see for himself the new Lodge banner.

The Worshipful Master, W.Bro. Tom Halvorsen expressed his delight on behalf of the Brethren that the Provincial Grand Master was also accompanied by his Provincial Grand Junior Warden, W.Bro. Keith Alcock, the Provincial Grand Secretary, W.Bro. Ivan Beckett, Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies, W.Bro. Clifford Gingell and a full Escort Team under the direction of Assistant Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies, W.Bro. Gerry Wren.

At the Festive Board the Brethren of Dovre gave a presentation on the various regalia worn to demonstrate the 11 Grades that are worked under Norwegian and Scandinavian Masonry and promised the Provincial Grand Master that on a future Provincial event the Lodge choir will entertain the Brethren of the Province with song.

The Provincial Grand Master thanked the Worshipful Master and the Lodge for the warm and Fraternal greeting that he received and he spoke about the unique opportunity that we have here in the Province of Valencia in being able to experience such a wide diversity of Masonic Ritual and experience.

Any Brother wishing to visit the Lodge is encouraged to do so, but please arrange your visit via the Lodge Secretary, W.Bro. Per Aubert  at sec184@glpvalencia.com


Brethren In Harmony

The Worshipful Master of Armonia de Ifach Lodge No.46, W.Bro. Dennis Squirrell PPGStwd along with his Wardens and Brethren were delighted to welcome back a deputation of 25 Brethren from the Province of South Wales at the Costa Nova Masonic Centre, Javea.

This was the second visit by our Welsh Brethren, the previous being two years ago.  The evening started in the Temple at Costa Nova with a demonstration of the Second Degree (Passing) and then moved to the nearby ‘Bull and Bear’ for an excellent Festive Board where the visitors once again delighted their hosts with some fine singing in true Welsh Male Voice Choir style.

The raffle raised 195€ to which the Brethren from South Wales added a further 205€ making a fantastic 400€ raised, a fantastic gesture which will be put to good use for local charity.  They also supported the Provincial Annual Draw by purchasing several books of tickets, have you purchased yours yet?

A presentation was also made of a commemorative plaque for the Brethren of Armonia de Ifach to keep as a lasting memento of the evening.

W.Bro. Dennis thanked the visitors most sincerely for their visit and for providing yet another highlight for him to treasure from his year as Master and promises were made not only to see the Brethren return to our Province, but also for some of our Brethren to venture to South Wales.

W.Bro. Bob Smith of Craig Yr Hesg Lodge No.6724, Province of South Wales presents the plaque to the Worshipful Master, W.Bro. Dennis Squirrell and the IPM, W.Bro. Ian Raistrick

Any Brother requiring more information or wishing to visit Armonia de Ifach No.46 are encouraged to contact the Brother Secretary, W.Bro. Ian Henry at sec46@glpvalencia.com

If you would like to learn more about the Province of South Wales, their website can be found here.

Old Tower Achieve a First

At their regular meeting on Monday 16th December 2019, Old Tower Lodge no 49 became the first Lodge to use the recently completed Legacy Lodge Room at Sociedad Compas, Ciudad Quesada.

PGM Visits Armonia de Ifach Nº46

The Provincial Grand Master, R.W.Bro. Michael Shilan made an official visit to Armonia de Ifach Nº46 to support the Lodge in celebrating a White Table event with their ladies and to help round-off a fantastic year for the Lodge which saw them, back in October, Install W.Bro. Dennis Squirrell into the Chair of King Solomon.

The PGM congratulated the Brethren of the Lodge for the way in which they had exemplified the Masonic value of Brotherly Love in supporting their Worshipful Master to attain the Chair after so many years of Masonic service.  He spoke of the support and excellent service that W.Bro. Dennis had given to the Province over the years and how happy he was to now be able to make an Official Visit and be welcomed by the Worshipful Master.

The PGM was accompanied by the Provincial Junior Grand Warden, W.Bro. Keith Alcock and an Escort headed by the Provincial Deputy Director of Ceremonies, W.Bro. Bob Watkins as well as the Provincial Deputy Grand Sword Bearer, W.Bro. Gordon Ramshead and the Provincial Assistant Grand Standard Bearer, W.Bro. Frank Wallace and four Provincial Grand Steward’s.

After the ceremony was concluded the Brethren joined their Ladies and other guests for a White Table celebration.

On Monday the 3rd of February the Brethren of Armonia de Ifach Nº46 are looking forward to welcoming a large contingent of Brethren from Wales who have visited previously and regaled the Brethren with an evening of Fraternal Harmony, in both Masonic terms and in actual song. You are encouraged to look out for the Summons of this meeting and make sure that you get along, it is going to be one not to be missed and on this occasion will be held at the Javea Masonic Centre at Costa Nova.

Provincial Lodge of Instruction 2019

With the attendance of the Assistant Grand Master of Spain, R.W. Bro. Barrie Roy Mansell and the Provincial Grand Master of Valencia, R.W. Bro. Michael Anthony Shilan, and a number of senior Brethren, the Provincial Lodge of Instruction 2019, hosted by Santa Faz Lodge No.48 continued the proud history of this annual event by delivering a most excellent ceremony followed by a first class festive board.

Provincial LOI Demonstration Team

Around 140 Brethren packed into the Hotel Port Alicante in San Juan de Alicant to enjoy a ceremony delivered in a mixture of English and Spanish by Brethren representing Lodges from across the Province.

The hosting Lodge this year was Santa Faz Lodge No.48 and the Brethren delivering the ceremony were….

Brethren from the Manor of Bexley No.5977 and their hosts

The Worshipful Master for the day, Brother Greg Hustler and his team (details of which are listed in the Summons here in English and Castellano) drew praise from the Brethren and all delivered a fine demonstration with particular praise being reserved for Brother Stuart Powell for delivering the Charge to the Initiate in Spanish.

Also in attendance were 11 Brethren from the Manor of Bexley No.5977 from the United Grand Lodge of England who were guests of V.W.Bro. Fred Miller and R.W.Bro. Norman L. Wheatley.

At the Festive Board the Brethren from the Manor of Bexley Lodge No.5977 presented a cheque to the Provincial Grand Master towards the charitable efforts of the Province and in support of the campaign to detect and counter Prostate Cancer among our Brethren and provided details on the activities taken within their home Province to counter Prostate Cancer. All Brethren are encouranged to speak about this detectable and treatable cancer and to use the help and support available in our Province and detailed in this website here.  They also presented a plaque to the Provincial Grand Master in recognition of the 75th anniversary of the the Manor of Bexley Lodge.

Official Visit to White River Lodge No 153

White River Installation 13 November 2019 (Official Visit)

Thirty-three members and visitors attended the twelfth Installation  Meeting of White River Lodge 153 to install W Bro Richard Millo as its Worshipful Master. One very important attendee was RW Bro Michael Shilan, who as well as being the Provincial Grand Master of Valencia, is also a founder member of the Lodge.

In what is now becoming a regular annual visit from members of Lodge Grange 1073 of the Grand Lodge of Scotland, PM Bro Jim Kier and Bro Graham Webster were warmly received and assisted in the ceremony.


The future appears positive for White River Lodge with the members now seeing just reward for their hard work, three initiates and three joining members have been added to the nominal roll in the past year. An extra meeting has been added to this years’ calendar so, on 4th Dec the lodge will have four initiates, followed by one more in January, together with two more joining members.

The nationalities of these joining members and the initiates, are Spanish, Argentinian and Cuban, they join a membership already consisting of Brothers from those countries, plus Saudi Arabia, Scotland France, the USA and England.

Please contact the secretary ( here ) if you wish to visit the Lodge.


Officers of the Lodge:

Las Salinas Lodge 25th Anniversary

On Tuesday 5th April 1994, seven master Masons gathered at the Nautilus restaurant, Rocio del Mar, to discuss plans for a new Spanish-speaking Lodge, to be called Logia de Las Salinas. Within 6 months these plans had come to fruition. Byelaws were formulated and the Lodge was consecrated on Saturday 22nd October 1994. The name of the lodge derives from the local salt lake industry, which has flourished in Torrevieja since Roman times and was suggested by Worshipful Brother Graham Knight who was the founding Senior Warden.

With a donation of 50,000 pesetas from founding Master, Worshipful Brother Peter Corrigan, and a founder’s fee of 7000 pesetas per head, the Lodge was able to design and purchase its own unique ceremonial banner that graces regular meetings to this day. Gradually other items of ceremonial regalia were added to the inventory, including a fine bible and candelabra.

The founding Brothers had set themselves a very high goal – to revive the historic movement of Spanish speaking Freemasonry in this area, a movement that had been suppressed during 35 years of Nationalist government. Their efforts met with some success but the high cost of membership proved a deterrent to recruitment so it was decided to form a luncheon club to help impecunious brethren with their fees. This became the El Salero Luncheon Club which thrives to this day.

These days, the aim of the luncheon club has moved on from personal assistance to raising money for selected charitable organisations with a local connection. Over the years, Las Salinas Lodge has received several awards for its charitable work, and money raised from El Salero and other fund raising activities has enabled the Lodge to assist in a variety of causes such as help for the homeless, children in need, and the provision of medical equipment and food banks.

With diminishing numbers of Spanish members it was eventually decided to return to the English form of Valencian Emulation, though the Lodge still opens and closes it’s regular meetings in Spanish; in respectful deference to the founders’ intentions.

Much has changed in a quarter of a century and yet Las Salinas Lodge may fairly claim to have remained true to its origins. Brotherly love remains at the heart of its beliefs, resulting in a friendly and welcoming atmosphere, enthusiasm in its performance of ritual and effectiveness in the support of charitable endeavours. The stewardship of these principles passes this day into the capable hands of a new Worshipful Master, Worshipful Brother Keith Carter.