Lodge of Sorrows

W. Bro. Dennis Squirrel

W.Bro Dennis Squirrel was a True Gentleman and Brother, we will all miss him more than words can express.

Our thoughts and prayers Brethren are with Lucy during this sad time.

W.Bro. Graham Scutt

W.Bro. Graham Scutt passed to the Grand Lodge above on the 24th June 2022

W.Bro. John Mony

W.Bro. John Mony passed to the Grand Lodge above on the 25th February 2021

W.Bro. Collin Williams

W.Bro. Collin Williams passed to the Grand Lodge above on the 5th November 2020

Bro. George Wilks

Bro. George Wilks passed to the Grand Lodge above on the 25th May 2020

Bro. Terry White

Bro. Terry White passed to the Grand Lodge above on June 2016

W.Bro.Derick Wait

Date 19/02/2022

Dear Brethren,

I have the sad duty to inform you all that today at 11.30am, W.Bro Derick Wait PGStandB, PPJGW has passed to the Grand Lodge above. W.Bro. Wait was initiated into Javea Lodge No.40 on March 27th 1991. His Long Masonic career saw him receiving the honour of Past Grand Standard Bearer and Past Provincial Junior Grand Warden . His knowledge of the ritual was second to none, with many younger Brethren looking up to him for guidance and support.

W. Bro. Wait will be missed within Javea Lodge no.40 as a friend as well as a Brother, with our thoughts now going to his wife Pat and his Son Daniel.

May his final journey to the Grand Lodge above, be full of peace and tranquillity, where his living memory will last for ever.

W.Bro Matthew James ProvAGSec
Secretary Javea Lodge No.40

George Scammell

George Scammell – passed to the Grand Lodge Above on 16th February 2021 aged 75 years.

After a career in the Army and later, Hampshire Police, George retired to San Fulgencia where he ran a small bar with his wife Elly and son Cameron. He was prominent in charity work and founded a neighbourhood association based in La Marina.

George was initiated into masonry at St Mary’s Lodge 7304, Havant, Hampshire on 25th April 2001 and was raised to the rank of Master Mason on 30th October 2002. He retired to Spain in 2004 and after a number of years decided to resume his masonic career with Las Salinas Lodge 79.

George soon became a regular and well-loved member of the Lodge and was appointed Senior Deacon in October 2019. He will be remembered for his cheerful good nature and readiness to contribute.

William Frederick John Marr

Brother William Frederick John Marr was a member of Old Tower Lodge No.49 for many years and was always a regular but quiet and unassuming member of our Lodge.  He was born on 14th April 1949 and had a career as a Detective Sergeant in Essex Police.  He was married to Margaret and they had two daughters Tracey and Laura.  He was a lifetime supporter of West Ham.  He passed to the Grand Lodge Above on 21st November 2020

He was a great guy and thoroughly enjoyed his Masonry in his own quiet but involved way and will be sadly missed.



Michael David Arnold

Bro. Mike Arnold passed to the Grand Lodge above on the 4th February 2021, he was a long standing member of Javea Lodge No.40, all our thoughts are now with the family.