Local Freemason’s help out Children’s Home in Denia

On 24th October, WBro Chris Stoneley, Charity Steward of local Freemason’s Lodge Puerto de Javea No 40, and his wife Vicki visited the Residencia Comarcal, ‘Les Rotes,’ in Denia, to see what further help they needed. They were shown around the home and saw how the rooms had been painted using paint previously donated by the Lodge two years ago. Having met some of the children they had met on their last visit they were informed that a new fridge and a new computer were badly needed to help feed and educate the children.

As Chris has been the Worshipfull Master of the Lodge for the past two years he was able to offer a donation to buy these two much needed items. During his two years in office, many charity functions were held by the Brethren meaning that the €900 euros needed were able to be offered. Chris recently returned to the home and is shown donating the fridge and the computer to the Director of the home Sra Pilar Dalmau Marti and two members of her staff. These donated items were gratefuly received by the Director who invited members of the Lodge to attend the chilren’s Christmas Party next month.