Brian Cedric Walker

Brian Cedric Walker became a joining member of Old Tower Lodge No. 49 on Monday 15th January 2001 at the age of 64. He had been a regular visitor to the lodge during the previous year and he and his wife Val had attended many of the lodge’s social events.

Prior to moving to Spain, Brian had served for many years as an Officer in the Royal Air Force where he had a very distinguished career. He was a member of Royal Union Lodge No.246, in the province of Gloucestershire and held the office of Junior Warden prior to his departure to Spain.

Brian was an avid supporter and enthusiastic volunteer in the construction of the new Temple at Quesada and put in many hours of very hard labour and on one occasion in particular, worked alongside Mike Savory, Barrie Mansell and Mike Puckett when they wheel barrowed in 12 tons of premix concrete for the bases of the new supporting pillars. Brian and Barrie Mansell had each made a substantial donation to enable the addition of two more supporting pillars, thus making the lodge room considerably longer.

Brian was elected Master of Old Tower Lodge in 2004 and had a very successful year, after which he was awarded Provincial honours with the rank of PPAGDC.

He subsequently became Assistant Secretary and was appointed Secretary in 2007. He continued in that office until ill health caused him to retire a year later.

His health continued to decline and in 2010 he and Val returned home to Gloucestershire where they remained until he was called to the Grand Lodge above.