Michael Levy

In Memorian.
RWBro. Mike Levy. Ginsp. PPSGW.

Some of you may have read the poem “The Bridge Builder”. It tells the story of an elderly man who walked a highway and came one night to a chasm deep and wide. Because of his vast experience he had little difficulty in crossing the sullen stream. But when he was safely on the other side he turned to build a bridge to span the tide. Another traveller asked him why he stopped to build the bridge when his journey ended at the end of the day, and he would not return that way. He said: “There followed after me today a youth. This chasm which is naught to me, might to him a pitfall be. He too must cross in the twilight dim. Good friend, I am building this bridge for him.”

This is a poem that could so easily be written about RWBro. Mike Levy. Always willing and ready to build bridges for others, to help where help was needed, to give of himself for the good of all. To pass on the knowledge and experience he had acquired during his lifetime. His passing has left us with a feeling of great loss, but Mike would not wish us to mourn his death but rather to celebrate his life.

Mike loved sports. He cycled all over Europe in his younger days. He played Ice Hockey, and he loved to ski, only giving that up 6 years ago. Mike was a respected authority in the canine world. In particular on Standard Poodles and over the years he owned and showed many fine examples at English Championship Dog Shows with great success. He was a respected judge of the breed and officiated in that capacity on many occasions.

Mike and Agnes met some 11 years ago through the local Masonic charity shop where Agnes used to help out. He asked her out several times and each time she said no. But Mike could be very persuasive and finally Agnes agreed to have dinner with him. And the rest as they say is history. He spoke about how very happy and grateful he was to have such a wonderful partner in Agnes. There was no doubt he meant every word. He said he woke up each morning and thanked god for his life, and Agnes.

I knew he’d been through a tough time health wise. But Mike was a man who took life’s blows on the chin, picked himself back up and got on with life.
Through all the years that I knew him, I never once heard him complain, and these last two years when he needed regular dialysis and other medical care he was full of praise for the doctors and nurses who looked after him. Never once did he say “Why me?”

Mike was a man who said things the way he saw them. He shot from the hip. For some it took a little while to get the measure of the man. But when you did you soon realized that to Mike your friendship was a precious and a wonderful thing.

Mike loved his Freemasonry. He had a great passion for it and that passion never left him. His years of dedicated service to the Craft were recognized with promotions leading to his very high rank in Spanish Masonry. But this never prevented him from accepting the most menial of tasks or humblest of duties.

An English Mason some two and a half centuries ago wrote: “Let us rejoice in the exercise of those excellencies that prove that we are brought out of darkness into light. And let us show our good works unto the world, that through our light so shining unto men, they may glorify the Great Master of the Universe and therefore, do justice, love mercy, and walk humbly with their God. Our dear departed Mike followed those teachings to the full and the light that radiated so brightly from him during his lifetime will continue to illuminate our lives for years to come.

WBro. Brian Imber.