Armonia de Ifach Lodge

Due to the pressing needs to improve the quality of life in a local children’s home, Calpe Beacon Charity decided to diversify from not only supporting the needs of individual young people, but to improving the accommodation of children in the care of the local authority, particularly with windows that no longer keep winter elements from invading bedrooms due to their age and condition.  There are also bedroom doors, which are broken, and impossible to close; with young girls unable to maintain privacy, this is totally unacceptable.  With the help of local Freemasons, windows have now been replaced and we are in the process of installing new bedroom doors with locks.  They are also continuing to ensure that these local children in care, receive small Christmas and birthday gifts, and individual requirements for school books, reading glasses, sports kit etc, as far as is possible.

Armonia de Ifach Masonic Lodge, also known as “The Calpe Lodge,” are pleased to be part of this very worthy local cause, and Worshipful Master Ian Raistrick has assisted with a donation of 629€ which was raised at the recently held Ladies Festival. W. Bro Reg Wright, the Lodge Treasurer, stated “children in care rarely have the same opportunities as their peer group; our ongoing fund raising activities within the Lodge, include improving life experiences for young people, as well as the elderly, within the local community.  Like many other Masonic Lodges throughout the Province of Valencia, we also support the Summer Camp for underprivileged youngsters where they will meet new friends and have new experiences, which will, increase their confidence, and improve their social skills.”