Bienvenue mon frère

Brothers In Harmony – Frères en harmonie – Hermanos en armonía

On the 5th of July 2019 the Worshipful Master and Brethren of Regeneración Lodge No.132 hosted a very special visit from the Assistant Grand Master of France T.R.F. Jacques Cambon, the Grand Master of the Province of Occitanie, T.R.F. Pierre Hournarette, his Deputy PGM and Assistant PGM and a number of French Brethren.  To mark this auspicious occasion, the Provincial Grand Master of Valencia, R.W.Bro. Michael A. Shilan was present with his Official Escort to warmly welcome them.

The Worshipful Master of Regeneración Lodge No.132, V.H. Andres Rascal, his Officers and Brethren were also honored to welcome the Worshipful Masters of two French Lodges who were also in attendance.

It was described by those present as a very emotional evening wich further enforced and celebrated the fraternal ties between Regeneración Lodge No.132 and Saint Jean de Tiberiade Lodge No.1631. The Worshipful Masters of both Lodges expressed their strong desire to continue working on a twinning project. All of this was further enforced by a strong delegation of the Grand Lodge of France and the Province of Occitanie as well as our own Provincial Grand Master and many Brethren of GLPV.  It also further enforced the strong and historic relationship that has long esisted between our two great Grand Lodges.

Due to the large number of attendees the Lodge had to change location for this special meeting and used the hotel SH Valencia Palace, the same location that was used for the last Grand Lodge Assembly.

The full list of the Senior French Dignitaries is:
T.R.F. Jacques CAMBON
Assistant Grand Maître et membre du Conseil des Sages
Grand Maître Provincial de la Province Occitanie
R.F. Claude FABRE, Député Grand Maître Provincial
R.F. Jacques SEGUELA, Assistant Grand Maître Provincial
T.V.F. Raymond LABRY, Grand Orateur Provincial
The remaining French visitors were headed by;
V.F. Patrick SALINAS
VM (WM) of the RF Saint-Jean de Tibériade 1631 à l’Orient de Saint Lys
V.F. Paul DE FLOTTE, Ex-Maître (IPM)
V.F. Alain COMBACAU, éléémosynaire
Morgann VIAUD, Second Surveillant
Louis FERNANDEZ, Trésorier
R.F. Christian PINARD
T.V.F. Frédéric PINSON
VM (WM) of the Respectable Loge des Sept Troubadours à l’Orient de Toulouse

In total 24 Brethren from France, 19 Brethren and 5 Active Grand Lodge and Provincial Officers were in attendance.

12 of the French Brethren were accompanied by their partners who joined the Brethren and partners from Regeneracion at the Festive Board which was held at the Cafeteria Museo Bellas Artes, Valencia.

Any Brother wishing to visit Regeneración Lodge are welcome to contact the Brother Secretary, their details as well a location map are located within their page of this website.