Stan Pearce

Stanley Hugh Pearce was indeed a very colourful character. After a career in the Navy as a young man, he returned to Tipton, Stourbridge where he joined the family building business and developed his expertees. Later on he was very instrumental in the much publicised restoration of Dudley Castle.
He was a very active and highly respected Mason in his home town making many long term friends who subsequently often visited him in Spain.

He and his wife Valerie retired to Torrevieja in the 90’s and he very soon became a valued and popular member of Old Tower Lodge where he took the Chair in 2000 – 2001. He had already been through the Chair of his Mother Lodge in England several years previously.

Stan was very actively involved with the development of the new temple at Quesada, which previously was a fire damaged club of dubious nature. He was present along with Bill Eastbrook at the bank when Mike Savory made the initial purchase of the building from the CAM bank.
From there on he oversaw and advised on all the restoration work that needed to be carried out to the building to make it suitable for its new purpose. He worked tirelessly with volunteers or often alone on the complex renovation to create a magnificent temple downstairs which included the provision of a lift.
On one particular occasion when the concrete for the bases of the supporting pillars was being poured from wheelbarrows, by Barrie Mansell, Mike Savory, Brian Walker and Mike Puckett, he suffered a serious gash to his left forearm which required urgent medical attention resulting in twenty odd stitches at the Hospital. He then returned to Quesada, heavily bandaged, arm in sling intending to continue working, but the intervention of his wife Val convinced him it was not a good idea.

He remained as Clerk of Works, foreman, advisor etc. until the initial completion of the Temple. Subsequently, ill health and the onset of early dementia precluded him from taking any further part in the ongoing improvements of the building.

Stan was made an Honorary member of Old Tower Lodge and continued to attend meetings whenever he could, prior to their departure back to England where he sadly passed to the Grand Lodge above shortly after.