Arthur James Herbert

Arthur was married to Jill and had 3 adopted children. He owned a gravel pit in England and when it was empty it was used as a landfill site, which was very lucrative. In those days one was only allowed to take a small amount of cash out of the UK, but to overcome this he simply put it in a couple of briefcases, bundled his children in the car and they and his wife headed for Spain. They ended up in Oliva where they bought some land by the beach and set up Europa Camping, which was very successful. Some years later Jill passed away from cancer. Europa Camping is today run by one of the children.

Although he was a founder member of Javea 40, he never went through the chair of the Lodge. Arthur was ADC of Javea 40 from November 1997 until November 2000. He was PGSwdB until ‘2000 when he was then made PPGSwdB.

His Mother Lodge was Lignam Lodge 6744 from Brighton, Sussex, and that he was a PZ of Chapter No.4.

Arthur was gentleman and a true Mason and was very respected by all who he came into contact with and is sadly missed.