Great honour for the MW Grand Master of Spain, MWBro Oscar de Alfonso Ortega

“We must project to the societies in which we live the values ​​we treasure”
The Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Spain , the Most Worshipful Brother Óscar de Alfonso Ortega, has been elected Executive Secretary of the World Conference of Regular Grand Lodges, which makes him, until 2023, the Mason Master in charge of the coordination of the Freemasonry World, formed by about four million brothers. This election is an immense honour for me and marks an historic day for Spanish Freemasonry. The World Conference is the best platform we have for Grand Lodges to exchange experiences and learn from each other. I want to open a period in which many Grand Lodges really participate in the management of the World Conference to project to the societies in which we live the values ​​that which we treasure and that have already changed the world in the past. We now have the Internet and social networks, we live in a world of communication; use these tools, but talk about the future, transmitting a message of high values, which are eternal. The World Conference is the best platform to respond to these challenges. I am aware that great challenges await me, and that I will face them to the best of my abilities. I ask the Great Architect of the Universe to give me the strength and perseverance necessary for it”, said our Grand Master and Secretary of the World Conference.