Provincial Stewards Hold LOI in Como

During this years annual visit to Lake Como, Italy, the Provincial Grand Stewards Lodge No.154 held a Lodge of Instruction for all Masons attending the trip.

The LOI met in a convenient and properly Tyled room of the Hotel Britannia Excelsior, Griante, Como, with Lodge Furniture and Jewels that had been previously arranged by the Worshipful Master.

The ceremony for the day was a First Degree, Ceremony of Initiation.

The LOI was Opened at 4:10pm by the Worshipful Master of the Provincial Grand Stewards Lodge and Deputy Provincial Grand Master, V.W.Bro. Rodney C. Bignell and the 17 Brethren gathered were also warmly welcomed by the Provincial Grand Master, R.W.Bro. Michael A. Shilan.

The Officers for the day were;
WM – V.W.Bro. Rodney C. Bignell
SW – W.Bro. Gerry Wren
JW – W.Bro. Andrew Gee
Chaplain (and IPM) – W.Bro. Joe Mondejar
Secretary – W.Bro. Rob Wood
DC – W.Bro. Paul Burletson
SD – Bro. Malcolm March
JD – W.Bro. Brian McArdle
IG – W.Bro. Ray Guise-Smith
Tyler – W.Bro. Ian Raistrick

The Candidate for the Ceremony was Bro. Mark Lumley, a Fellow Craft and son of W.Bro. Ralph Lumley.

Following the Opening the Worshipful master relinquished the Chair for a short time to allow Bro. Ian Bullock to conduct the Ceremony which he did in a most excellent manner.

The North East Corner was delivered by W.Bro. Ralph Lumley, the Working Tools by Bro. Paul Edwards and the Charge After Initiation by W.Bro. Matthew James, all in a most excellent fashion.

Following the Ceremony the Worshipful Master resumed his rightful place and thanked Bro. Ian Bullock and all present for a most excellent ceremony and demonstration of Masonic Ritual and Harmony.  He also made reference to that, apart from the Provincial Lodge of Instruction, this was the first time that the Provincial Grand Stewards Lodge No.154 had held an LOI and had conducted a Ceremony of Initiation, all be it a demonstration.

During the Risings the Provincial Grand Master rose to congratulate the Worshipful Master for making all of the arrangements and commented on how nice it was to have some Masonic content within the holiday.  The Provincial Grand Master also made reference to the new polo-shirts that were worn by the members of the Lodge for the first time and shown in the picture below.
It is envisaged to make an LOI part of the trip every year and so hopefully we can see even greater numbers participating in future events.

Anyone interested in the details of next years event can contact the Secretary of the Provincial Grand Stewards Lodge at sec154@glpvalencia.com