Caledonia Lodge donate food to the Red Cross

Throughout last year, Freemasons of Caledonia Lodge No 68 have raised money for charity from a variety of sources including raffles, other charity events and, especially, the Lodge Ladies Night. All were carried out under the guidance of the Worshipful Master, Sid Thornby, who selected this charity as the Lodge charity for the past year. This money raised, over five hundred euros, has been used to buy food for the Red Cross in Torrevieja and was donated on Thursday, 13th December, by Worshipful Brothers, Ian Bullock, Ian Gibson and Freddie Samrai who went along to the local office.

Earlier, WBro Freddy Samrai and his lovely wife Carol went to the Red Cross in Torrevieja and asked them what types of food they would like. Then with the help of the two Ian’s they all went to the local Cash and Carry, where they were helped by the very nice staff to select and purchase suitable items of food.
They raised sufficient money to buy a full pallet of food which was gratefully accepted by the Red Cross. This food will help to feed just a few of the local people, some of whom have fallen on very hard times. The pallet of food was taken to the Red Cross in Torrevieja, where the smiles on the faces of the staff was all the thanks they could have hoped for.

The  food  will be given out to those in need at the end of each week. Any other donations from any other source’s would always be very gratefully received by the Red Cross, Torrevieja. Freddie added “My wife and I would like to thank the two Ian’s, and all the others concerned who helped to raise this much needed money at such a special time of   year. There is always a problem but perhaps it is even  worse with Christmas approaching. It is good that the generosity of the local Masons will go a little way towards helping people to have a better Christmas than they might otherwise have expected.”