Local Freemasons donate to Gandia men’s hospice

The men’s hospice in Gandia currently looks after about fifty homeless men with mental health problems. It is run by two Franciscan monks who work tirelessly, seven days a week, to help these men as much as is humanly possible. This is extremely difficult as they receive no help from the state and exist entirely from money donated and volunteers. Recently they have had a crisis where they had reduced their food stocks, basically to zero.
They were forced to send out appeals for urgent help just to be able to continue to help feed their residents. Hearing of this, local Freemason’s Lodge, Oliva La Safor, immediately sprang into action with an urgent appeal to all their members to bring food – as much as possible. Last night, Tuesday 21 November, this food was collected and will be distributed immediately.

The photograph below shows WM Ian Skipper, overwhelmed by the amount of food collected.

The amount of food gathered in one evening was amazing and will be welcomed by the hungry residents. The foodstuffs consisted of mainly long life goods such as rice, pasta, flour, sugar and tinned food at least some of which can hopefully be stored for future use. There was also useful donations of clothes and medicines which will also be very useful.

Just one extra tin of beans added to your weekly shop could make an enormous difference if we can only persuade enough people to do this. Old clothes which most of us would simply throw away can keep a homeless man warm through the winter. Old, out of date medicines are generally all they can get so before throwing medicine away or returning it to the chemist please think about donating it. With your help we really can make a difference.