PGM Attends White River No.153 Installation

The Provincial Grand Master, R.W.Bro. Michael Anthony Shilan attended the Installation Meeting of White River Lodge No.153 held at the Masonic Temple, Sedavi to personally greet the newly Installed Master, W.Bro. Frank H. Wallace.

The PGM was accompanied by the Assistant Provincial Grand Master, W.Bro. Roy Alan Mitchell and a number of Grand Lodge and Provincial Grand Lodge Officers.

W.Bro. Frank was also able to warmly welcome visiting Brethren from this Province and other Constitutions with a special warm welcome reserved for visitors from his native Scotland, two of whom had previously Installed W.Bro. Frank in his Scottish Lodge.  The picture above shows the Provincial Grand Master and Assistant Provincial Grand Master along with the Worshipful master and joined by the visiting Scottish Brethren, W.Bro Graham Webster of Lodge Grange No.1073, W.Bro. Ian Ferris, W.Bro. Jim Keir and W.Bro. William Workman.

The ceremony was conducted in a most excellent manner by the Brethren of the Lodge with W.Bro. Tony Windsor taking the role of Installing Master, ably supported by W.Bro. Keith Alcock and W.Bro. Ian Crawford as the Installing Wardens.

Following the fine delivery of the Extended Inner Workings the Brethren retired to enjoy a fine Festive Board at which the Provincial Grand Master congratulated the Lodge on the way they had conducted the ceremony and expressed the confidence he felt in seeing W.Bro. Frank Installed as Master.

During the course of the Festive Board W.Bro. Frank received several gifts from the visiting Brethren including a traditional Quaich cup which was charged with Whisky and passed from Brother to Brother in order to toast the health of the Master.

The Lodge also presented their Brother of the Year trophy to W.Bro. Adrian Brooks for the support he had given to the Lodge in assuming the role of Worshipful Master during the year.  The goblet was presented by the previous recipient, Bro. Richard Millo.

This rounded-off a difficult year for the Lodge which is looking forward to a very good year ahead under the Mastership of W.Bro. Frank.  The Brethren of the Province are encouraged to attend With River and visits can be arranged by contacting the Brother Secretary, W.Bro. Tony Rolfe at sec153@glpvalencia.com

Summons of the meeting
2017 November Summons