Javea Lodge visits the new Library Corner in Benigembla village school.


Bro Malcolm March, current Charity Steward of Javea Lodge, visited the village school in Benigembla on Wednesday 18th Oct, to view the newly purchased and recently installed “Library Corner”. The furniture, books and games for the Library Corner had been purchased with a donation of four hundred and thirty euros, made to the school by Freemasons of Javea Lodge earlier this year following fund raising in memory of recently deceased WBro Keith Hart. Keith was a Benigembla resident and staunch friend and fund raiser for the school over many years. Bro Malcolm March was accompanied by Keith’s widow, Mrs Jenny Hart.

Benigembla pre-school and primary school has only ten children up to the age of eleven years old and, in common with small schools in many Spanish villages, suffers from a severe lack of funds. The Headmistress thanked all the Javea Lodge Freemasons for the several donations they have made in recent years, including one of over one thousand euros made during Keith’s year as Worshipful Master. This had permitted the purchase of sports equipment and a large storage shed, in addition to the recent Library Corner.

Jenny Hart said that Keith would have been so pleased to see what the donations had achieved and also added “we always loved it here in the village. Keith was very happy here and loved the village and the school“.