Michael Lawrence Darsley


Mike came to Old Tower Lodge No.49  on 21st January 2008 as a joining member. He was originally initiated into Brooklands Lodge No. 3671, Altringham, U.G.L.E in November 1981, was Passed and Raised in that lodge in 1982 and subsequently installed into the Chair of King Solomon in 1992. He was promoted to Past Provincial Junior Grand Warden in 2001.  He became a member of Brooklands Lodge No. 2231, South Manchester in February 1983.  He was also a member of a French Lodge.  Because of his long experience in Masonry he was an excellent ritualist and could always be relied on to take an office for Installation Ceremonies and for Old Tower’s Past Masters’ Degree Demonstration which traditionally takes place at our April meeting each year.  He was a member of Rose-Croix in England.  He was on a visit to London, on 25th April 2017, to receive his 33rd Degree in The Scottish Rite and as he left this meeting he collapsed with a suspected heart attack, was rushed to St Thomas’s Hospital in London, where he died early the following morning.