Walter James Strudwick

Walter was Initiated, Passed and Raised in the NYASA lodge number 956 in Malawi in 1964, when he was working in East Africa.

He then joined the lodge of Concord number 1135 on the 13th April 1966, were he continued his membership until September 1966, when presumably he moved to Spain.

He became a Royal Arch Mason on the 6th December 1967 in the Davie Chapter Number 1135, in Ilfracombe.

To continue with his masonic travels he became a Mark Master Mason  on the 24th April 1974, when he joined the North Devon Lodge number 540, Ilfracombe, Devonshire.

The last lodge he joined was the lodge of St. Nicholas number 540 when he was regularly admitted to the degree of Royal Ark Mariner.

When he arrived in Spain he carried on with his masonry becoming a member of Old Tower lodge number 49 and then Las Salinas lodge number 79.

Then to keep up with his Mark masonry he became a member of the Torrevieja Mark lodge number 1745, and then the Orb and Sceptre lodge of Royal Arc mariner number 1745.

Jim was something of an enigma, in that he became a member of the above lodges to my knowledge did not take office in any. However, he was always there when a meeting was on and always enjoyed himself. As he got older he found it more difficult as his hearing deteriorated and he did not get the same enjoyment, also he had some very serious illnesses.

He will be missed because of his ever present smile and good humour.