Local Freemasons present ‘Glyndebourne in Gata’

On Saturday, 24th June, the gardens of  Worshipful Brother Darrell Clayton and his lovely wife Sally, in Gata de Gorgos, were again thrown open to hold another stunning ‘Glyndebourne in Gata’ celebration. This is now an annual event, organised by local Freemasons,  which is modelled after the grand Glyndebourne event in England although on a slightly

smaller scale. Not withstanding that this classical concert was incredible and everyone there enjoyed it enormously. The idea is generally of a black tie, classical music event to be held in Darrell and Sally’s magnificent gardens.

More than one hundred and thirty Masons, wives and guests attended and enjoyed a great evening with exceptionally good weather.

Everyone brings their own food to create one gigantic picnic. The tables are decorated and the best of which wins a prize. This year an element of fancy dress crept in with some tables and guests dressed as Hawaiians while others were dressed as ancient Romans.

A great time was had by all! The entertainment this year was even more varied than last. Starting at 7pm and continuing until 11pm, this was a non stop feast of talented local entertainers. They comprised a tribute group, El Divo, a ladies choir, some dancing youngsters, the local tenor, Manuel Lazaro and also local mezzo-soprano Gill Henry. At the end Gill and Manuel united as duo ‘Cantabile’ and received a standing ovation. The level of talent for an event of this size was truly amazing and could have graced any stage in Europe. All of the performers enjoyed rapturous applause and most guests are already looking forward to next year.


A grand charity raffle was held which raised the incredible sum of one thousand eight hundred euros. This will be donated to local charities later in the year.

A huge round of thanks to Darrell and Sally, and their trusty helpers, not only for allowing the use of their garden but also for the weeks of hard work they have put in,  to make this a huge success. Well done!