A heartfelt thankyou from Silvia Barnish and the children staying in the Masonic summer school.

To all Freemasons of the Province of Valencia
Well as you know we finally got together 21 children to go camping for 10 days. Fifteen came from El Preventorio and six more from families in need under the Red Cross umbrella in Javea.
Unfortunately the average age of children in the Preventorio is under eight hence the smaller than expected numbers.
The excitement on the bus was something else and the journey to the camp was one I won’t forget. Some of the children went last year so it must be good if they are going back !

      Happy children en route.
It poured with rain and the road was closed so we had to reverse down the mountain road and if they asked me once they asked me a hundred times ” Are we there yet !”
Please can you pass on to your friends in the Freemasons that without their help and support this would NEVER have happened.
It is so hard to get people to understand what sort of lives these little folk have, especially in the Preventorio.
I have tried to help and support and improve things for all of them but know that without the support of people like you it would be impossible.

      Silvia with Juan Carlos
Provincial Grand Master, Michael Shilan, Provincial Grand Charity Steward, Keith Alcock, Provincial Press Officer, Bill Turney, and Juan Carlos Ortuño the director at the campsite and so many more of you that commented on my Facebook Page I cannot thank you enough !
Having supported the children for 10 years now the staff know that they need only to pick up the phone and sometimes I panic and wonder how can I solve whatever help they are asking for. I’m not an organisation or business or part of a committee or charity, just a mother who knows how to love and care and hug (hugs are so under rated). Having come from an abusive and broken home I guess I understand the sadness I sometimes see in a child’s eyes without them saying anything.
Bay Radio created a charity account and support me when I need help but people’s generosity tends to be mainly at Christmas and then, for the rest of the year, they are almost forgotten about. That is why I’m so grateful for your support.
The six children from the Red Cross have never been on holiday so this for them was not only out of the blue but an adventure they so deserve. Thank you so much !
Have a great summer each and everyone of you.