Masonic Homes of Valencia present cheque to Quesda Masonic Temple.

Members of The Masonic Temple in Quesada were recently delighted to receive a cheque for six thousand euros, donated by The Masonic Homes of Valencia to go towards the cost of installing a new lift at their premises. Unfortunately the old one had been condemned as unsafe and this situation was causing real problems at the centre. Many of the Masons using the centre are of advancing years and some not as fit as they once were. To constantly climb and descend quite steep steps was becoming a problem, especially for those such as I forced to use a wheelchair. It was also difficult to transport the various Lodge equipment for use in ceremonies.

The overall cost of installing the lift and making good was around fifteen thousand euros. No small amount! The rest of the money was raised from the various Lodges using the temple which, together with this donation, was sufficient for the work to go ahead. I am sure the Masons using this centre will breathe a sigh of relief that they can now visit their Lodge in style and with less hardship. The photo below shows WBro Bernard Wilson presenting the cheque to WBro Roy Mitchell