White River Lodge No 153 Donate to Amigos de la Calle

White River Lodge No 153 Donate to Amigos de la Calle


This week, White River Lodge No 153, represented by Senior Warden, Bob Harris,  presented a cheque for 1500 Euros to Javier González, the founder of the charity “Amigos de la Calle.”

Amigos de la Calle plays a pivotal role in addressing the pressing needs of over 800 homeless individuals in Valencia.  As part of their expansion efforts, the organization aims to establish a cutting-edge industrial kitchen and create spaces for professionals to provide essential mental health services in their new headquarters. Additionally, their initiatives extend to supporting the rehousing of select families, facilitating their journey towards self-sufficiency which is very much in keeping with the ethos of the Provincial Grand Master in aiding those less privileged in our community.

Javier González conveyed his heartfelt appreciation to the brethren of White River Lodge stating ¨this collaboration underscores a shared commitment to making a meaningful and positive impact on the lives of those facing adversity within our community¨

The donation was made possible with funding from the Provincial Grand Lodge of Valencia.


( pictured, Javier González of Amigos de la Calle receiving the Cheque for 1500 Euros from Bob Harris, Senior Warden White River Lodge 153)

Photograph:  Bastiaan Zondervan