Annual General Meeting of the Masonic Homes of Valencia Association

The Annual General Meeting of the Masonic Homes of Valencia Association took place on Friday, 24th March, at La Senieta Theatre in Moraira. The Masonic Homes is a charitable association which raises much needed money for worthy local causes. Much of this money is raised by the Charity Shop in Moraira whose volunteers work very hard to achieve this.
We are very sorry to have to report the death of Keith Hart our secretary and stalwart member. He will be very sadly missed. It is particularly fitting therefore that this year our new president is Keith’s wife Mrs Jenny Hart.
Several new members have been elected to the Board this year
One of which is Jenny Hart, the new President, also Brian Imber as vice President. Other new members include Norman Wheatley, Sue McAllister and Kath Taylor.
The photo shows the following members
Hugh Parker (Treasurer)
Sue McAllister (Board member)
Bernard Wilson (Secretary)
Jenny Hart ( new President)
Bruce Nightingale (Board member)
Kath Taylor (Board member & manager of Charity shop)
Brian Imber ( new Vice president)
Norman Wheatley (Board member)