Grateful thanks from the Elche children’s home.

Thank You Letter to the PGM and members of this Province

Dear Mr Bignell,
I have been advised by Malcolm March of the Freemasons’ generous donation and on  behalf of the Elche Children’s Care Home charity I would like to thank them for the 500€ which they raised at the recent Golf Tournament at Bon Alba Golf Course.
The children currently have an above ground pool in the garden area which was donated many years ago and which are going to have relined this winter as it is in need of repair.   In addition, the home requested a fixed canopy to be built alongside the pool to provide shade for the children in the summer when they come out of the pool and also to be used for them to hold their fiestas and various outdoor events.   We are obtaining quotes for the canopy and your donation will now help us to achieve this goal.
Unlike other teenagers, our children are not able to go out of the home to meet their friends without supervision so they spend quite a lot of their free time within the confines of the care home, therefore facilities like this are a vital addition to their well being as they can enjoy the company of each other in a relaxed atmosphere within a safe and secure environment.
We thank you and your colleagues for helping us achieve this.
Sending you love and many thanks on behalf of the children ❤️
Michelle Diggle


CIF.  G54758156