Provincial Grand Lodge of Valencia

Grand Lodge Decreto No 1288 has suspended Masonic meetings until the 30th November 2020.

DECREE no. 1.288, on October, the 26th, 2020.



 That at this time Spain, along with all European countries, is suffering from a second wave of the pandemic caused by the virus COVID-19, which is increasing significantly the number of new infections.

That the Government of Spain decreed yesterday the State of Alarm in all the national territory.

That all Autonomous Communities have imposed restrictions on both the mobility of persons and the maximum authorized limit on attendance at social meetings.

That, as stated in previous Decrees, the health and personal safety of the Brethren is a priority issue and it must be safeguarded by the Order.

That the Grand Advisory Council of the Grand Lodge of Spain, together with all Provincial Grand Masters, has unanimously adopted the decision to suspend, until 30 November 2020, all Masonic activities in al Lodges under jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge of Spain, including this suspension, without limitation, ritual ceremonies, Festive Boards, Temple visiting, speeches and celebrations, as well as any other event or meeting related to Freemasonry.

That, depending on the evolution of the health situation in Spain, the Grand Advisory Council, together with Provincial Grand Masters, will decide on the extension of this extraordinary measure.


 Article no. 17 of the Constitutions, which establishes that the Grand Master has among his fundamental prerogatives “To direct the Order by means of Decrees and Resolutions sanctioned with his signature and seal”.

Decree no. 1.288 – continuation –

Article no. 20 of the Constitutions, which states that the Grand Advisory Council “carries out the day-to-day executive management of the Grand Lodge of Spain and is competent to act in all matters relating to the administration of the Order”.


 To suspend, with immediate effect, and until 30 November 2020, all Masonic activity of all Lodges under jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge of Spain.

 The date when all Masonic activity will be suspended officially will be extended as need arises in relation to the developing health crisis in Spain, of which the Brethren will have due notice through the official channels.

 An official notification of this Decree shall be mailed to all Provincial Grand Lodges, members of the Grand Conclave and to all Lodges within our jurisdiction through the Grand Secretary.

Granted by I, the Grand Master, signed by my own hand and with the Grand Seal affixed on the 26th October 2020.