Virtual Provincial Annual Assembly 2021

The Province of Valencia

Virtual Annual Assembly 2021

On Saturday the 27th of February 2021, our Provincial Grand Master, R.W. Bro. Michael Anthony Shilan welcomed the Grand Master of Spain, the Most Worshipful Brother Oscar de Alfonso Ortega, and over 170 Masonic Brethren to the 2021 Provincial Grand Lodge of Valencia  Assembly  which, because of the Covid-19 pandemic, was a virtual meeting.

Amongst those attending were  representatives from the Grand Lodge of Spain as well as dignitaries from other Masonic Provinces, distinguished Brethren and all Lodges of the Province were in attendance.  The other representatives of the Grand Lodge of Spain were  the Assistant Grand Master of Spain, R. W. Bro  Barrie Roy Mansell and the Grand Secretary of Spain, R.W. Bro. Pedro Peralta Gasión.  The Provincial Grand Master of Murcia, R.W. Bro Peter Kent, was also a very welcome guest.

The Order-of-the-Day  and Report Booklet, containing all the individual reports, can be found ( here) ( aqui).

The Provincial Grand Master wasvery pleased  to note that when the roll of Lodges was called, all of his Lodges were present.


A solemn remembrance was called for by the Provincial Grand Chaplain, W.Bro. Harry Palmer who paid due remembrance to those Brethren that have passed to the Grand Lodge above since the last Assembly.  A short video of that remembrance can be viewed  (here…..)

The Provincial Grand Secretary, W. Bro. Ivan Beckett and the Provincial Grand Treasurer, V.W. Bro. Fred Miller both presented their reports which are available for you to read (here) (aqui) and ( here) ( aqui) respectively.

In addition the Provincial Grand Treasurer presented the statement of accounts for the preceding year and the budget for the coming     year (here) (aqui).

V. W. Bro William Russell and W Bro Derick Wait confirmed that the accounts had been thoroughly audited and were found to be in excellent order.  The attending Brethren  voted unanimously to accept both the accounts and the budget.

The Deputy Provincial Grand Master, V. W. Bro. Terrence Porter, and the Assistant Provincial Grand Master`s, V.W.Bro. Roy A. Mitchell and R.W.Bro. Eladio Gonzalez Jover were then reappointed by the Provincial Grand Master.

The Provincial  Senior Grand Warden, W.Bro. Graham Simons and the Provincial Junior Grand Warden, W.Bro. Keith Alcock were also reappointed by the Provincial Grand Master.

The Provincial Grand Master declared that the Provincial Grand Tyler, W. Bro J. McGuire, would be retained for a further year.

This was followed by the election of  two account Auditors, V.W. Bro W. Russell and W. Bro D. Wait, who were both duly elected for another year.

Provincial Grand Officers both Active and Past were appointed and a full list is available in this website and can be seen (here ) ( aqui) and here is the video of the Officers played on the day.

The Working Committees were confirmed and a full list is available (here)  (aqui).

Certificates for Distinguished Service to Masonry were presented to the following Brethren….

W. Bro. James Mackintosh Oliva La Safor Lodge No 112 55 Years
W. Bro. Bryan Green Santa Faz Lodge No 48 50 years
W. Bro. Bernard Wilson Oliva La Safor Lodge No 112 50years
W. Bro. Leo Bronsgeest Leukopolis Lodge  No 112 45 years
V.W. Bro. W. Russell  Javea Lodge No 40 40 years
W. Bro. Philip Bowick Arenal Deportiva Lodge No 65 40 Years
W. Bro. John Hall San Juan de España Lodge No 28 40 Years
W Bro. Gerald Kittleson Oliva La Safor Lodge No 112 40 Years

The Provincial Grand Master addressed the Assembly and his address is available for your review ( here) (aqui).

A further highlight was the announcement of the Mason of the Year, which this year was presented to

W.Bro. Sergio Svalina, a well deserved recipient.

Finally,  we arrived at the most important point of the day, our Most Worshipful Grand Master the Most Worshipful Brother Oscar de Alfonso Ortega’s address to the assembled Brethren.  His address concentrated on the help given by the Grand Lodge of Spain and the Province of Valencia, during the present pandemic.  He also gave details of the forthcoming Grand Lodge virtual assembly and attendant elections.

In summary, even considering the problems caused by the pandemic, the 2022 Virtual Provincial Assembly carried on the proud tradition of this Province and of Spanish Masonry.  It still managed to combine the  formal aspects combined with necessary business and accountability, all supported by the fraternal good spirit enjoyed by Freemasons worldwide.

The minutes of this year’s annual assembly can be found (here) (aqui).


Special thanks must go to W. Bro’s Rob Crawford and Ian Crawford for their technical expertise and long hours of work preparing for the event.



All attendees then enjoyed our video ending to the event, the Provincial Grand Master’s request for you all to ‘Always look on the bright side of life’ can be viewed here…..

The final video of the day was a version of the Tyler’s Toast and can be viewed here…..

We look forward to seeing you all at the next Provincial gathering……