Provincial Assembly 2022


Provincial Assembly 2022

On Saturday the 26th of February 2022, the Provincial Grand Master, R.W.Bro. Michael Anthony Shilan opened the meetingand welcomed some 130 Masonic Brethren to the 2022 Provincial Grand Lodge of Valencia Assembly  being held at the Hotel Gran Bali, Benidorm, Spain.

The Most Worshipful Grand Master of Spain, MW Bro Oscar  de Alfonso Ortega, and the Provincial Grand Master of Murcia entered the assembly hall and were warmly welcomed by the Provincial Grand Master.  Representatives from the Grand Lodge of Spain as well as dignitaries from other Masonic Provinces, distinguished Brethren and all Lodges of the Province were also welcomed.

The Order of the Day and the online Report Booklet can be found  (here ) ( aqui)

The Banners of each Lodge were paraded into the Assembly, and the Provincial Grand Master was delighted to note that when the roll of Lodges was called, their members rose in turn to announce their presence with gusto!

A solemn remembrance was held for those Brethren that have passed to the Grand Lodge Above since the last Assembly.  A list of those worthy Brethren can be viewed  (here-aqui)

The minutes of the 2021 virtual Provincail Assembly were confirmed by the Brethren and signed by the PGM.  They can be viewed  (here ) (aqui)

The Provincial Grand Secretary, W. Bro. Ivan Beckett and the Provincial Treasurer, V.W. Bro. Fred Miller both presented their reports which are available for you to read in the on-line report booklet.

In addition the Provincial Grand Treasurer presented the statement of accounts for the preceding year and the budget for the coming year which are available for your review here (Balance Sheet 1 English 2021 ) ( Balance Sheet 2 English 2021) (Budget 2022 English) ( Balance sheet 1 Spanish 2021) (Balance sheet 2 Spanish 2021 ) ( Budget 2022 Spanish) .

V. W. Bro W Russell rose to confirm that the accounts had been thoroughly audited and were found to be in excellent order and the assembled Brethren voted unanimously to accept both the accounts and the budget.

The Deputy Provincial Grand Master, V. W. Bro. Terrence Porter, and the Assistant Provincial Grand Master`s, V.W.Bro. Roy A. Mitchell and R.W.Bro. Eladio Gonzalez Jover were then reappointed by the Provincial Grand Master.

The Provincial  Senior Grand Warden, W.Bro. Graham Simons and Provincial Junior Grand Warden, W.Bro. Keith Alcock were also reappointed by the Provincial Grand Master.

W Bro John McGuire was re-elected as the Provincial Grand Tyler for 2022-2023

VW Bro William Russell and W Bro Ian Gibson were elected as Provincial Auditors for the ensuing year.

Provincial Grand Officers both Active and Past were appointed and a full list is available in this website and can be seen (here ) ( aqui)

The Provincial Grand Master was then presented to all of the current serving Masters of his Lodges, and each was welcomed individually.  This was followed by the presentation of Initiates who had joined the Craft since the last Assembly.  Indeed, One Brother had only been Initiated four days before the Provincial Assembly!

Certificates for Distinguished Service to Masonry were presented to the following Brethren….

W.Bro. Nigel Parker Javea Lodge No.40 50 years
W.Bro. Edward Childs Oliva La Safor No.112 50 years
W.Bro. Leo Bronsgeest Leukopolis Lodge No.85 45 years
W.Bro.  Stewart Gammer San Juan de España No.28 45 years
W.Bro. Michael Botton Oliva La Safor No.112 45 years

The Provincial Grand Master addressed the Assembly and copies are available for your review (here)( aqui). A further highlight was the announcement of the Mason of the Year which this year was presented to W.Bro. Ivan Beckett.

On completion of his address, the Provincial Grand Master asked the Provincial Secretary to present a framed picture to the Grand Master.  Finally the Grand Master  addressed the Brethren, referring many times, and sometimes emotionally, to the fact that this would be his last engagement as the Grand Master of Spain..

Alms were collected and the Assembly  was then closed in solemn form and, after a group photograph was taken,the Brethren retired to enjoy a Festive Board with the normal speeches and toasts.

In summary the 2022 Provincial Assembly carried on the proud tradition of this Province and of Spanish Masonry, it combined the formal ceremonial procedures as well as the necessary business and accountability aspects,  all supported by that fraternal good spirit enjoyed by Freemasons worldwide.

The minutes of this year’s annual assembly can be found (here)

Thanks must go to Bro Micheal Huggins for taking the photographs of this event.  More are below this article, and a complete selection is available by following this link ( here) should any Brother require a full (higher definition) copy of any picture please email   huggy8566@gmail.com   quoting the reference number of the required picture(s).

Bro Jorge Prieto Cueto also took some photographs and video footage, of the rehearsal and actual meeting, which can be uploaded (here-aqui )

If any Brother wishes to have his photograph removed , please contact the Provincial Secretary at sec@glpvalencia.com