Prostate Cancer Awareness – Cáncer de próstata

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The Province takes the health of all members and their connections very seriously and a major concern as we become older is Prostate Cancer which is the most common cancer among men.  This cancer is treatable so long as it is detected and treated as early as possible, therefore you must be aware of the symptoms and the tests that are available and should you have any concerns you must seek medical advise.
The Prostate_Cancer_UK_Website has a wealth of information and guidance for you to review.

Information in Spanish is also available here (Signos_y_síntomas_del_cáncer_de_próstata).

Quite often the ability to speak confidentially with someone who has dealt with and managed the condition and its treatment can be invaluable.  To that end, two Brethren from the Province have offered their confidential support, the details are provided below.  If you wish you can download your own copy of the letter… GLPV_Prostate_Cancer_Helpline.