Costa Nova

Costa Nova Masonic Centre, Cta. La Guardia 146, Costa Nova, 03730, Javea.
(GPS N 380 44’ 286’’ E 000 12’ 396”)

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Autumn update from the management committee of the Costa Nova Masonic Centre
During July and August, Javea 40 ran its very successful “outdoor” Summer Lodge of Instruction on the covered terraced area at the Costa Nova Masonic Centre. This was held every Tuesday morning from 10am until 11:30am and was well attended by Javea 40 members and guests from nearby, and some not so nearby, lodges.
These weekly Loi’s moved into the Temple from 2 Sept when indoor masonic meetings were once more permitted, with Javea 40’s first monthly meeting being held on 23 Sept. This was W.Bro.Malcolm March’s first meeting as Worshipful Master since going into the Chair in Feb.
Following further Loi’s, Javea 40’s next meeting, planned for 28th Oct, was obviously cancelled because of the latest restrictions on masonic activities.
Over the summer period the Costa Nova Masonic Centre Committee had worked hard to ensure that the Temple complied with every legal and masonic requirement for its 1 Sept reopening. The Temple had been thoroughly cleaned and reorganised, with a new ventilation system installed and its capacity now reduced to 25 brethren, with every seat a minimum of 1.5 metres apart.
The area where the Festive Boards are held have also been redecorated and redesigned by the proprietor, Bro.Vicky Sohail.
Everything at the Costa Nova Masonic Centre is now ready and waiting for the restart of our masonic activities in due course.