A heartfelt thankyou from Silvia Barnish and the children staying in the Masonic summer school.

To all Freemasons of the Province of Valencia
Well as you know we finally got together 21 children to go camping for 10 days. Fifteen came from El Preventorio and six more from families in need under the Red Cross umbrella in Javea.
Unfortunately the average age of children in the Preventorio is under eight hence the smaller than expected numbers.
The excitement on the bus was something else and the journey to the camp was one I won’t forget. Some of the children went last year so it must be good if they are going back !

      Happy children en route.
It poured with rain and the road was closed so we had to reverse down the mountain road and if they asked me once they asked me a hundred times ” Are we there yet !”
Please can you pass on to your friends in the Freemasons that without their help and support this would NEVER have happened.
It is so hard to get people to understand what sort of lives these little folk have, especially in the Preventorio.
I have tried to help and support and improve things for all of them but know that without the support of people like you it would be impossible.

      Silvia with Juan Carlos
Provincial Grand Master, Michael Shilan, Provincial Grand Charity Steward, Keith Alcock, Provincial Press Officer, Bill Turney, and Juan Carlos Ortuño the director at the campsite and so many more of you that commented on my Facebook Page I cannot thank you enough !
Having supported the children for 10 years now the staff know that they need only to pick up the phone and sometimes I panic and wonder how can I solve whatever help they are asking for. I’m not an organisation or business or part of a committee or charity, just a mother who knows how to love and care and hug (hugs are so under rated). Having come from an abusive and broken home I guess I understand the sadness I sometimes see in a child’s eyes without them saying anything.
Bay Radio created a charity account and support me when I need help but people’s generosity tends to be mainly at Christmas and then, for the rest of the year, they are almost forgotten about. That is why I’m so grateful for your support.
The six children from the Red Cross have never been on holiday so this for them was not only out of the blue but an adventure they so deserve. Thank you so much !
Have a great summer each and everyone of you.


Grand Presentation by the Masonic Homes of Valencia Association.

On Friday 16th June a presentation was made, by the Masonic Homes of Valencia Association, to the main hospital in Denia. The presentation was for a cheque to pay for a second CT scanner which has been sorely needed by the hospital for some time. Currently when the older machine is in use or in need of repair, or even being serviced, patients often need to travel long distances for diagnosis before treatment can begin. This is obviously not good and creates further stress and hardship at a time when such problems are least needed.

The hospital themselves managed to raise the magnificent sum of one hundred thousand euros towards the cost of this machine, but such machines do not come cheap. Yet another one hundred thousand euros were needed to make a purchase possible. This is where the Masonic Homes of Valencia Association stepped in and donated the much needed money. The scanner is now on order from the United States and should arrive, ready for use in early August. More than fifty people turned up for the presentation including representatives of the hospital, members of the Board of the Masonic Homes, volunteers who run the charity shop and many hospital workers. It was a great afternoon and an excellent buffet lunch was laid on for all the visitors. The added photos show the following:


Photo 1.  On stage.  Hugh Parker Treasurer        MHVA

Jenny Hart   President          MHVA

Angel Gimenez                    Hospital Director

Juan Manuel Gasent            Head of Oncology

Mayte Lopez                        Hospital Liason

Photo 2       Jenny Hart  presenting cheque to Angel Gimenez

Photo 3.       MHVA Board Members with the big Board


Caledonia Lodge hold a Bowling Afternoon followed by a Cream Tea

This event was a first for any of the local Lodges to undertake. It was held at ‘The Club’,  Calle Toledo, Ciudad Quesada, on Wednesday 31st May. Brethren and guests started to arrive from around 1:30pm for a 2:00pm start. The Charity Steward then hastily organised twelve teams of four.

The six lanes of the Green were taken up with two teams per lane. Most of the participants had never played before. After a little confusion those who had played, plus two members of the bows club, soon had things under control. The afternoon progressed well with winning teams moving to the right. This had the effect of all teams playing each other during the afternoon.

The soft shoes and woods (bowls to the uninitiated) were provided by the Club, although some participants had their own. Bowling finished at 4pm, when a cream tea and sandwiches was served at a seated venue. A raffle was held which raised three hundred and fifty euros to which was added a further donation which raised this to three hundred and seventy euros. 

It was decided by the Charity Steward that  all of the participants were to be deemed winners so each lady was presented with a bottle of Cava.

Forty eight brethren and guests attended the afternoon.

Javea Lodge No 40 Freemasons Summer Hawaiian Barbeque

 On Saturday, 3rd June, local Freemasons from Javea Lodge No 40 held their summer barbeque in Hawaiian style at The Inn on the Green in Javea. More than sixty-five Masons, wives and guests arrived promptly at seven o’clock for what turned out to be a very enjoyable evening. Entertainment was provided by no fewer than three different singer/musicians. First up was Frank Abrams a great saxophonist and singer. He opened with some mellow jazz numbers to start the evening then progressed to more pop and ballads as the evening went on. He also put in a lot of effort to get people enjoying themselves and getting them on to the dance floor.

Second up was ‘Grey Jam’ (better known to some of us as WBro Graham Scutt) who entertained us royally on the electric guitar. This was his first appearance in front of a Masonic audience. If he had any nerves he hid them well and received a huge round of applause after each number. I am sure we will be seeing much more of him at future events! Later we had yet another, guest, singer in the person of John Olliffe who played acoustic guitar and sang some great ballads. These three alternated throughout the whole evening and were very much appreciated by all present.

A barbeque was supplied with a choice of burgers, chicken, pork and several salads followed by a choice of desserts, though most guests seemed to eat all of them! There was also a grand charity raffle which offered some great prizes and raised the magnificent sum of five hundred and sixty-seven euros.

The Worshipful Master of the Lodge, Worshipful Brother Matthew James thanked everyone for coming and said that this money will be donated later in the year, along with other funds raised, to La Fe Hospital Children’s Oncology Department where I am sure it will be put to very good use.

The Provincial Grand Master, Right Worshipful Michael Shilan also said a few words saying that thanks to the generosity of Javea 40 and their guests, and the other Lodges of the Province, that we had also raised sufficient money to sponsor thirty children to go to the Masonic Summer School which is held annually in Guardalest in July. This was a great evening enjoyed by everyone who attended. I am sure the guests are already looking forward to next year’s event.


Masonic Homes of Valencia Association presents second 4 wheel drive vehicle to Benidoleig Protección Civil


The Masonic Homes of Valencia Association have presented a second, 4 wheel drive vehicle, to the Benedoleig Protección Civil. The presentation took place in the car park of El Cid Restaurant on May 31st at 1.0pm. The Association made a similar presentation of another vehicle a few years ago, and  last year also presented a water bowser on a trailer to be towed behind one of the vehicles. The service they provide gives a more rapid response to people living out in the campo areas around Benedoleig and the other small villages of the Orba Valley area. Larger fire engines and ambulances coming from Denia have difficulty getting to these small places quickly, and these smaller vehicles can be vital in being first on the scene and providing the necessary help quickly. The whole team of volunteers are well trained in all aspects of emergency work and each vehicle carries a vast array of equipment.

The Association operates a Charity Shop in Moraira, and is always pleased to receive donations of good quality clothing and  other saleable items. On this occasion the presentation was assisted by a donation from the Charity Shop in Ondara, who last year presented a scooter for this  excellent rapid response team.

WBro William Turney   Press Officer

Provincial Grand Lodge of Valencia

Puerto de Xabia Lodge Summer Party

On Sunday, 28th May, at Casa de la Pizza, in Costa Nova local Freemasons Lodge Puerto de Xabia held their summer party. This was a great chance to let their hair down after a long year of work and fund raising to raise money for worthwhile causes. More than forty Masons, along with wives and guests assembled to enjoy a great afternoon with friends, this included a quiz, a raffle and a fantastic barbecue. Starting at two thirty and continuing till past seven this was a great afternoon, enjoyed by all. Copious amounts of food was produced, and consumed, by hungry Masons, while being entertained by popular local singer ‘Irish Des’. Des has played at several of these events and is becoming more and more popular. He has a great repertoire of songs ranging from pop, sixties, country and Irish songs if requested. He has the knack of being able to play in such a way that everyone can hear him while still being able to converse with friends. This is a great asset and one which I am sure will see him booked for more Masonic and other events.

A quiz was held which everyone seemed to think was pretty difficult, especially as there were two different question papers handed out! However, order finally broke out and everyone enjoyed it, especially the winners. There was also a charity raffle with several very nice prizes. This raised a grand amount of two hundred and twenty euros which will be added to other money raised throughout the year and distributed to local charities at a later date. Worshipful Master Nick Coates thanked everyone for coming and for taking part in the quiz. ‘It is always nice’, he said, ‘to be able to give away money and this is one of the best parts of the job’. This is Nicks last event as Master as he will shortly be Installing his successor after a very happy, though hectic year.

WBro William Turney   Press Officer

Provincial Grand Lodge of Valencia

Masonic Homes of Valencia Donate €5000 to Children of Emaus charity.

Masonic Homes of Valencia Donate €5000 to Children of Emaus charity.

On Thursday, 25th May, The Masonic Home of Valencia Association presented a cheque for 5000 Euros to the Children of Emaus charity fund outside their Charity Shop in Moraira. The presentation was made by, the Treasurer of the Association, Hugh Parker to Carole Saunders the Childrens Emaus representative.

Also present, as seen in the attached photograph, were Kath Taylor, far right, the hard working manager of the shop and next to her Brian Imber, the Vice President of the masonic Homes of Valencia Association. Also present were several of the shop volunteers. These good folk put in a lot of time, and hard work, staffing the shop and helping in many ways to raise money for such worthy causes.

Next Wednesday another presentation will take place at El Cid Car Park in Benidoleig of a second specially adapted 4 wheel drive vehicle for the Protección Civil in Benedoleig.


Arenal Deportiva Celebrate Ladies Night

On Saturday, 25 May, local Freemasons from Arenal Deportiva Lodge No 65 celebrated their annual Ladies Night in style at Satari’s restaurant in Moraira. Arriving for a cava and canapé reception, at seven fifteen, almost seventy Masons, Ladies and guests arrived to a glorious summer evening and chatted among the flowers and bougainvillias of the restaurant. At eight o’clock they entered the restaurant for what turned out to be a fantastic four course meal prepared by the owner, Abi Satari, which included a wide selection of well prepared and well cooked food, including a delicious starter consisting of Persian specialities

During the meal the guests were entertained by the internationally renowned, and always popular, Ian Henry who played a wide variety of tunes on the piano and sang beautifully. Later, after dinner, many of the guests danced to more music and thoroughly enjoyed themselves. There were gifts and flowers for all of the Ladies as a small thank you for all the support they have given over the past year.

The evening was hosted by the President of the Festival, WBro Bob Bullingham and his lovely wife Avril. This was a great chance for Bob and all the Masons of the Lodge to relax after a hard years work. This is Bob’s last formal event as Master of the Lodge as very soon at the beginning of June he will be installing his successor, WBro Ian Brown to take his place.

All in all a great evening and, judging from the comments I have heard, a great success. Many thanks to all involved in organising this event.

Armonia de Ifach Lodge presents new safety gear to firefighters.

As most of you will be aware, last year saw some of the worst wildfires ever seen in the local area of Calpe and Denia. Many private houses were destroyed, many citizens had to be evacuated and many local volunteer firefighters risked their own lives to save ours.

It is hard to find words to describe the bravery of these men and women. The truth is that when we are running away from a fire these gallant volunteers run towards it. I emphasise that all of these people were volunteers, acting on our behalf regardless of nationality, fighting fire and generally helping to save lives. It is a testament to their bravery that we didn’t suffer a massive loss of life and we can all give thanks that they are there to help us.

Much of their equipment is old and at least partly worn out. Much of it has a limited life span and needs to be replaced regularly for them to be able to function as a firefighting team. More still was lost in this and other fires. This equipment is absolutely necessary but also can be very costly! Many local organisations offered help when it was most needed including local Freemasons, from the Lodge of Armonia de Ifach, the Calpe Charity shop, and The Lions.

In the photos attached you will see some of the equipment bought for the future use of the Calpe Civil Defence Firefighters. This comprises, vital breathing equipment which allows the firefighters to fight the blaze from close quarters, a light portable pump, again allowing closer access than a fire tender might be able to get, the hoses necessary to be able to connect from the water deposit to the pump and some more new hoses for connecting the pump to the nozzles.

The first photo, above, shows one of the Civil Defence personnel and the breathing hood and oxygen tank that we helped to buy.

The second shows WBro Stewart Gammer of Armonia de Ifach Lodge, Councillor Carole Saunders, Mr John Bridges of the Calpe charity shop and Sr Mattias Torres from Civil Defence.

The third includes the mayor of Calpe Sr César Sánchez and two firefighters.

Masonic Homes of Valencia present cheque to Quesda Masonic Temple.

Members of The Masonic Temple in Quesada were recently delighted to receive a cheque for six thousand euros, donated by The Masonic Homes of Valencia to go towards the cost of installing a new lift at their premises. Unfortunately the old one had been condemned as unsafe and this situation was causing real problems at the centre. Many of the Masons using the centre are of advancing years and some not as fit as they once were. To constantly climb and descend quite steep steps was becoming a problem, especially for those such as I forced to use a wheelchair. It was also difficult to transport the various Lodge equipment for use in ceremonies.

The overall cost of installing the lift and making good was around fifteen thousand euros. No small amount! The rest of the money was raised from the various Lodges using the temple which, together with this donation, was sufficient for the work to go ahead. I am sure the Masons using this centre will breathe a sigh of relief that they can now visit their Lodge in style and with less hardship. The photo below shows WBro Bernard Wilson presenting the cheque to WBro Roy Mitchell