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Issue Number 7


The latest issue (number 7) of the Square and Compass magazine is now available for viewing and download.

Not only is the magazine produced and edited by our Past Provincial Grand Master and the Grand Inspector of Publications, R.W.Brother Norman Wheatley, it also contains many interesting articles concerning our Province and Spanish Freemasonry in general.

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Great honour for the MW Grand Master of Spain, MWBro Oscar de Alfonso Ortega

Grand Master is elected Executive Secretary of the World Conference of Regular Grand Lodges

“We must project to the societies in which we live the values ​​we treasure”
The Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Spain , the Most Worshipful Brother Óscar de Alfonso Ortega, has been elected Executive Secretary of the World Conference of Regular Grand Lodges, which makes him, until 2023, the Mason Master in charge of the coordination of the Freemasonry World, formed by about four million brothers. This election is an immense honour for me and marks an historic day for Spanish Freemasonry. The World Conference is the best platform we have for Grand Lodges to exchange experiences and learn from each other. I want to open a period in which many Grand Lodges really participate in the management of the World Conference to project to the societies in which we live the values ​​that which we treasure and that have already changed the world in the past. We now have the Internet and social networks, we live in a world of communication; use these tools, but talk about the future, transmitting a message of high values, which are eternal. The World Conference is the best platform to respond to these challenges. I am aware that great challenges await me, and that I will face them to the best of my abilities. I ask the Great Architect of the Universe to give me the strength and perseverance necessary for it”, said our Grand Master and Secretary of the World Conference.

PGM presents the Warrant (Carta Patente) to the newest Lodge in the Province

Lodge Dovre No.184 Receive Spanish Warrant (Carta Patente)

On Friday the 26th of October 2018 the Brethren of Dovre Lodge No.184 were delighted to receive the Provincial Grand Master, R.W.Bro. Michael Anthony Shilan who presented the Lodge with its Warrant (Carta Patente) to mark its formal establishment as a Lodge working under the Spanish Constitution.

The above picture shows the Provincial Grand Master delivering the Warrant into the care of the Deputy Master, W.Bro. Rolf Kristiansen with the Worshipful Master, W.Bro. Tom Halvorsen in attendance.

PGM and the Officers of the Day

The Provincial Grand Master was attended by Deputy Provincial Grand DC, W.Bro. Clifford Gingell and an Escort of Provincial Grand Stewards.

Once the PGM had been announced and entered, the first duty of the day was to present the Warrant of the Lodge issued by the Grand Lodge of Spain.  Dovre Lodge meets at the Norwegian Church in (location) and formally worked solely under the Grand Lodge of Norway as the ‘Costa Blanca St. John Borderforening’. The Lodge was founded in Spain in 1978 (40 years ago!) before the reformation of the Grand Lodge of Spain and so was a beacon of Masonic light in this Province before the Province was formed.  It was Consecrated into GLE as a Spanish Lodge under the name ‘Dovre’ on the 30th of January 2016, becoming the largest Lodge in the Province of Valencia in membership numbers.

Bro. Geir Will Johnsen
Dovre Lodge Choir

The Lodge was Opened under Norwegian Rite and in the Norwegian language and advanced to the Second Degree.  During the ceremony all present were treated to musical harmony accompaniment from a choir formed from the Brethren of the Lodge.  The basis of the work conducted in the Temple was a reflection on the duties of Man in ensuring that life is lived to the full.  A presentation was made of a poem ‘Die Slowly’ (Muere Lentamente) which can be found in English here and in Spanish aqui.  This was followed by a moving rendition of ‘What a Wonderful World’ by Louis Armstrong and played by Bro. Geir Will Johnsen.

L-R W.Bro. Tom Halvorsen (WM), PGM, W.Bro. R. Kristiansen (DepWM), Bro. M. Bjørm (Asst.WM)
W.Bro. Rolf Kristiansen presents a momento to the PGM

Following the meeting the Brethren enjoyed a fine Festive Board with toasts and speeches and a presentation to the Provincial Grand Master of a memento of the day from the Lodge.

The Provincial Grand Master often refers to the gift that we have as Masons in this Province to be able to visit Lodges and experience Masonic work in various languages and expand our Masonic learning and experience.  In this Province we can regularly attend meetings in Spanish, English, Norwegian, Dutch and German and you are all encouraged to take full advantage of this opportunity.  The Lodges are always welcoming, if they know in advance then explanations of the work can be arranged.  For more details please check the Lodges listed within the website page ‘LODGES OF GLPV’ or contact the Provincial Grand Secretary sec@glpvalencia.com.

Should you wish to visit Dovre Lodge please contact the Secretary at sec184@glpvalencia.com and the Lodge website can be found here.



Your Province Needs You

Calling IT volunteers

Are you computer literate and able to spend a little time helping the Provincial Secretariat? If so we might be glad of your help. Over the next couple of years, we have several projects in mind to help enhance the dissemination of news throughout the Province by means of internal communications, use of the Provincial website and possibly social media as well.

If you know your way around a computer and the Internet and are capable of using, creating and maintaining a website, and are able and willing to help, please contact the Provincial Grand Secretary via the email address given below. We look forward to hearing from you.


Caledonia No.68 Installation

Installation of W.Bro. Ian Bullock

The Provincial Grand Master RWBro Michael Anthony Shilan made a second official visit to Caledonia Lodge No.68 this year. The first visit was back in April to mark their 25th anniversary and whilst normal protocol is only visit once in each year the Provincial Grand Master made an exception in order to be present and see the Installation of Brother, now Worshipful Brother Ian Bullock.

Also in attendance were the AGM, R.W.Bro. Barrie Roy Mansell and the APGM, W.Bro. Roy A. Mitchell, both of whom are members of Caledonia Lodge.

W.Bro. Ian flanked by the Assistant Grand Master (r) and the Provincial Grand Master (l)
R.W.Bro. Michael Shilan – W.Bro. Ian Bullock – W.Bro. Roy Mitchell

W.Bro. Ian has been a very active member of the Provincial Grand Stewards Lodge and has supported the Province on many occasions, including being the Worshipful Master of the Provincial Lodge of Instruction in 2016.

The Temple in Ciudad Quesada was packed for this very special meeting and the Brethren of the Lodge delivered an exceptional ceremony in which the long-form of the Installation was done, known as the ‘Queen of Sheeba Workings’.  The work was divided among the Brethren, with a very notable delivery of the Obligation by WBro Craig Fellows and RWBro Jeffrey Hyde who delivered a faultless delivery of the extended Inner Workings.

R.W.Bro. Jeffrey Hyde congratulates W.Bro. Ian
All Attendees

The Brethren then enjoyed a fine Festive Board and a commemorative gift presented by W.Bro. Ian and a raffle was held which raised an impressive 600 Euros towards charity.

Caledonia No.68 Lodge Officers – 2018-19

Newsletter for the Brethren of the Province of Valencia

W.Bro. William G Turney, Communications Officer

Dear Brethren all,

As we are now approaching a busy time in our Masonic calendar, I thought this might be a good time to explain some of the things that I, as the Provincial Grand Communications Officer and the Provincial Secretariat in general have been doing over the last few months. before life becomes even more hectic. We have not been idle!

One of the earliest events to take place was the Provincial Grand Assembly which was a great success. For the first time the Provincial Grand Master took the time to meet all of the existing Worshipful Masters from across the Province and also every new Initiate. This was a great honour for the newly initiated and hopefully gave them a little better understanding of what Province does and how it works.

There have been many other notable successes some of which you are hopefully already aware. The Provincial website is now up and running better than ever before. The Calendar section is updated every week and the Yearbook section every month. This has resulted in much more up to date information with the result being that many more Brethren are now using the Website than ever before. Remember that it can only be as good as the information that we receive. If you do not tell us what is happening we cannot action it.

There is now more information available on the Website than ever before. As well as the very useful Calendar and Yearbook sections there are other areas which show Summons’ for every Lodge meeting available (As long as Lodge secretaries send it to us). Not only can you read it, you can also download it, so you can always receive the Summons that you want. There is another section of ‘Upcoming Events’. If you tell me that your Lodge is holding an event, and ideally send me a flyer, I will ensure that it is placed on the Website for all to see. Ideally, there will come a time when ALL Masonic information will be placed solely on the web. This will curtail the need for reams and reams of paper to be sent here, there and everywhere. This is obviously dependant upon you visiting the Website on a regular basis. The more you use it the better it will become. It is now a vast trove of information so please use it on a regular basis.

In July the Province of Valencia also took the lead role in sending under-privileged children, once again, to the Masonic Summer School in Guadalest. This year we raised enough money to support no fewer than forty-two children, a new record. This gives the children a short break from the regular hum drum of their lives and allows them to mix with other children, learn new skills and will hopefully help to make them better citizens. It might also foster a long-term appreciation of what Freemasonry can do to help less fortunate people. We visited the children mid break and the Provincial Grand Master of Valencia, RWBro Michael Shilan came along with his Provincial Charity Steward WBro Trevor Bagnall and the Assistant Grand Master of Spain RWBro Barrie Roy Mansell, though he was attending this event as the District Grand Master of Mark Master Masons who also contributed to this scheme. Twenty-two of the children came from the El Preventorio school in Gandia, eleven from the Red Cross in Javea and another nine from other areas.

Most recently we have also held an incredibly successful golf tournament which saw fifty-six Masons have a fantastic day out while raising no less than two thousand, eight hundred euros for the Provincial Grand Charity. A magnificent effort!
The booklet, ‘Introduction to Masonry’, is already on it’s second edition and is proving most successful. It is now presented to every new Initiate upon taking his first degree. This is presented, usually by a senior member of the Provincial Executive, with a letter from the PGM welcoming the new Initiate into Masonry. This is intended not only to help and guide the new Initiate but also to introduce him to the Provincial Grand lodge and help him find out what they can do to help him.
I have recently sent out a request for information from each Lodge secretary giving brief details of the charities they are supporting. Some of you have kindly returned this information but most have not. Please do so as this will enable us to see which charities we are currently helping and, to some extent, by how much.

The publicity generated by the Website and press is having good results. As a direct consequence of the press coverage since September of last year I have received fifteen requests for further information on joining a Lodge or joining Freemasonry in general. This may well lead to new members which is what we all want. A recent letter has gone out from the Provincial Grand Secretary asking you to send details of all articles, events and photos to myself for entering on the Website and publishing through the press. Please make sure you do this and as quickly as possible. I can only publish that which I am given. I do attend as many functions as I possibly can but, with the best will in the world, I cannot attend all of them. If someone is kind enough to send me the details and a few decent pictures I will do the rest.
At present I send each article to about eight Provincial English language newspapers every week, plus two Provincial Spanish papers, El Oriente and a couple of international websites. I cannot guarantee every article in every newspaper but I am getting a very good hit rate. I can almost guarantee at least one of these papers will publish my articles and often five or six. On occasion I get a full-page spread, the most recent examples being the Summer School article, the golf day article and my interview with the Grand Master of Spain The MWBro Oscar de Alfonso Ortega.

Finally, may I also draw your attention to the Summer LOI’s which are being run by Marina Alta Lodge of Installed Masters. This has proven to be even more successful this year than last. These are a great opportunity for all Master Masons, and on some weeks for junior Masons as well, to come along and learn many things about Masonry which they are unlikely to learn anywhere else. As well as practicing ritual there are question and answer sessions and also a discussion about particular aspects of Masonry. These Lodges are run by WBro Brian Imber who acts as Preceptor and who does an extremely good job. I have been delighted to hear very fulsome praise of Brother Imber and the LOI in particular. It is gratifying to meet junior Masons who are both interested and willing to learn. I can recommend these wholeheartedly to the whole Province. There is another such scheme running in the south of the Province. This effort will be repeated next summer so please let either WBro Brian Imber, WBro Matt James or myself know if you are interested in attending. All those who have attended this year have been fulsome in their praise and I am sure each would be happy to recommend it to you if asked.

If you have any (polite) suggestions for Provincial Secretariat which you feel might be of use please again contact me. My address is:


WBro William G Turney
Communications Officer

Provincial Stewards Hold LOI in Como

Lake Como, Saturday 23rd June

During this years annual visit to Lake Como, Italy, the Provincial Grand Stewards Lodge No.154 held a Lodge of Instruction for all Masons attending the trip.

The LOI met in a convenient and properly Tyled room of the Hotel Britannia Excelsior, Griante, Como, with Lodge Furniture and Jewels that had been previously arranged by the Worshipful Master.

The ceremony for the day was a First Degree, Ceremony of Initiation.

The LOI was Opened at 4:10pm by the Worshipful Master of the Provincial Grand Stewards Lodge and Deputy Provincial Grand Master, V.W.Bro. Rodney C. Bignell and the 17 Brethren gathered were also warmly welcomed by the Provincial Grand Master, R.W.Bro. Michael A. Shilan.

The Officers for the day were;
WM – V.W.Bro. Rodney C. Bignell
SW – W.Bro. Gerry Wren
JW – W.Bro. Andrew Gee
Chaplain (and IPM) – W.Bro. Joe Mondejar
Secretary – W.Bro. Rob Wood
DC – W.Bro. Paul Burletson
SD – Bro. Malcolm March
JD – W.Bro. Brian McArdle
IG – W.Bro. Ray Guise-Smith
Tyler – W.Bro. Ian Raistrick

The Candidate for the Ceremony was Bro. Mark Lumley, a Fellow Craft and son of W.Bro. Ralph Lumley.

Following the Opening the Worshipful master relinquished the Chair for a short time to allow Bro. Ian Bullock to conduct the Ceremony which he did in a most excellent manner.

The North East Corner was delivered by W.Bro. Ralph Lumley, the Working Tools by Bro. Paul Edwards and the Charge After Initiation by W.Bro. Matthew James, all in a most excellent fashion.

Following the Ceremony the Worshipful Master resumed his rightful place and thanked Bro. Ian Bullock and all present for a most excellent ceremony and demonstration of Masonic Ritual and Harmony.  He also made reference to that, apart from the Provincial Lodge of Instruction, this was the first time that the Provincial Grand Stewards Lodge No.154 had held an LOI and had conducted a Ceremony of Initiation, all be it a demonstration.

During the Risings the Provincial Grand Master rose to congratulate the Worshipful Master for making all of the arrangements and commented on how nice it was to have some Masonic content within the holiday.  The Provincial Grand Master also made reference to the new polo-shirts that were worn by the members of the Lodge for the first time and shown in the picture below.
It is envisaged to make an LOI part of the trip every year and so hopefully we can see even greater numbers participating in future events.

Anyone interested in the details of next years event can contact the Secretary of the Provincial Grand Stewards Lodge at sec154@glpvalencia.com