Bienvenue mon frère

5th July 2019 – 5 de julio de 2019

Brothers In Harmony – Frères en harmonie – Hermanos en armonía

On the 5th of July 2019 the Worshipful Master and Brethren of Regeneración Lodge No.132 hosted a very special visit from the Assistant Grand Master of France T.R.F. Jacques Cambon, the Grand Master of the Province of Occitanie, T.R.F. Pierre Hournarette, his Deputy PGM and Assistant PGM and a number of French Brethren.  To mark this auspicious occasion, the Provincial Grand Master of Valencia, R.W.Bro. Michael A. Shilan was present with his Official Escort to warmly welcome them.

The Worshipful Master of Regeneración Lodge No.132, V.H. Andres Rascal, his Officers and Brethren were also honored to welcome the Worshipful Masters of two French Lodges who were also in attendance.

It was described by those present as a very emotional evening wich further enforced and celebrated the fraternal ties between Regeneración Lodge No.132 and Saint Jean de Tiberiade Lodge No.1631. The Worshipful Masters of both Lodges expressed their strong desire to continue working on a twinning project. All of this was further enforced by a strong delegation of the Grand Lodge of France and the Province of Occitanie as well as our own Provincial Grand Master and many Brethren of GLPV.  It also further enforced the strong and historic relationship that has long esisted between our two great Grand Lodges.

Due to the large number of attendees the Lodge had to change location for this special meeting and used the hotel SH Valencia Palace, the same location that was used for the last Grand Lodge Assembly.

The full list of the Senior French Dignitaries is:
T.R.F. Jacques CAMBON
Assistant Grand Maître et membre du Conseil des Sages
Grand Maître Provincial de la Province Occitanie
R.F. Claude FABRE, Député Grand Maître Provincial
R.F. Jacques SEGUELA, Assistant Grand Maître Provincial
T.V.F. Raymond LABRY, Grand Orateur Provincial
The remaining French visitors were headed by;
V.F. Patrick SALINAS
VM (WM) of the RF Saint-Jean de Tibériade 1631 à l’Orient de Saint Lys
V.F. Paul DE FLOTTE, Ex-Maître (IPM)
V.F. Alain COMBACAU, éléémosynaire
Morgann VIAUD, Second Surveillant
Louis FERNANDEZ, Trésorier
R.F. Christian PINARD
T.V.F. Frédéric PINSON
VM (WM) of the Respectable Loge des Sept Troubadours à l’Orient de Toulouse

In total 24 Brethren from France, 19 Brethren and 5 Active Grand Lodge and Provincial Officers were in attendance.

12 of the French Brethren were accompanied by their partners who joined the Brethren and partners from Regeneracion at the Festive Board which was held at the Cafeteria Museo Bellas Artes, Valencia.

Any Brother wishing to visit Regeneración Lodge are welcome to contact the Brother Secretary, their details as well a location map are located within their page of this website.

Mark Well My Son

17th of June 2019

A number of our Brethren in this Province are members of and enjoy working the Mark Degree and have senior positions within the District of Spain.  On Monday the 17th of June in the Temple at Ciudad Quesada, Bro. Rob Crawford, son of W.Bro. Ian Crawford was Installed as the Master of Quesada Summer Mark Lodge No.1867. After being Installed as the Master, W.Bro. Rob Crawford then appointed his father as Secretary of the Lodge.

The District Grand Master was present to congratulate both father and son on a special occasion

In attendance and on an Official Visit to the Lodge (a Lodge that he was the Founding Master of by the way), was the District Grand Master of the District of Spain, R.W.Bro. Barrie Roy Mansell and a number of Grand Officers, District Grand Officers and Brethren.

If you are interested in learning more about this fascinating and very enjoyable Order then please contact the District of Spain, District Grand Secretary at or check in your Craft Lodge, you may be surprised about just how many of your Brothers are already members and would be delighted to assist you in learning more.

The newly Installed Master proudly displays the Warrant of his Lodge will all Brethren that were present for the ceremony

La Logia Hiram Abif 80 Celebra 25 años

Friday 17th May – Viernes 17 de mayo

El viernes 17 de mayo el Gran Maestro Provincial, R.H. Michael A. Shilan se unió a muchos Hermanos distinguidos para celebrar el 25 aniversario de la consagración de la Logia Hiram Abif Nro 80.

Para poder dar cabida a esta reunión especial, el lugar de la tenida se mudó al Hotel Leuka en Alicante.

La velada fue un gran éxito con la visita de Hermanos de todas partes, incluso de lugares tan lejanos como Australia.

El Gran Maestro Provincial con su Escolta.

El Gran Maestro Provincial se levantó para felicitar al Maestro, Vigilantes y Hermanos de la Logia por alcanzar este hito importante en su historia. Destacó la importancia de esta Logia, no solo en esta Provincia, sino también en la masonería española en general.

Al final de la ceremonia, el Venerable Maestro leyó una lista de los anteriores Venerables Maestros de la logia. Uno de ellos, el segundo, estaba presente en la audiencia.

Si desea visitar esta hermosa Logia que funciona con el Rito Escocés en idioma español, comuníquese con el Hermano Secretario de logia en:

The Provincial Grand Master with the current Master and Past Masters

On Friday the 17th of May the Provincial Grand Master, R.W.Bro. Michael A. Shilan joined many distinguished Brethren to celebrate the 25th year of consecration of Hiram Abif Lodge No.80.

To accommodate this special meeting the venue was changed to the Hotel Leuka in Alicante

The evening was a great success with Brethren visiting from far and wide, even from as far afield as Australia.

The Provincial Grand Master rose to congratulate the Master, Wardens and Brethren of the Lodge on reaching this important milestone in their history.  He stressed the importance of this Lodge, not only in this Province, but also to Spanish Freemasonry in general.

At the end of the ceremony, the Worshipful Master read out a list of the previous Worshipful Masters of the Lodge.  One of whom, the second, was present in the audience.

Should you wish to visit this fine Lodge working Scottish Rite in the Spanish language please contact the Brother Secretary at:

The Provincial Grand Master with the current Master and Past Masters

Two New Athelstan Courts Consecrated

11th April 2019

R.W. Grand Master and R.W. Provincial Grand Master

Over 50 Brethren gather in the Masonic Temple at Ciudad Quesada on Thursday the 11th of April to welcome the Grand Master of the Order of Athelstan, R.W.Bro. Paul W. Johnston, PGHCh, GCSM and his accompanying delegation. The R.W. Grand Master was in the Province of Spain to consecrate two new Courts, La Corte del Glorioso No.135 and Corte De Alfonso “El Sabio” No.136.  Both Courts will meet at Hotel Venta el Campo, Fuente Alamo in the Craft Province of Murcia.

This was the first return to the Province of Spain for the Grand Master of the Order since he last consecrated a Court in this same Temple on the 4th of April 2016. The Grand Master was warmly welcomed to Spain by the Grand Master of Spain and the Provincial Grand Master for the Masonic Order of Athelstan Province of Spain, R.W.Bro. Óscar de Alfonso Ortega as well as the Deputy Provincial Grand Master, V.W.Bro. Barrie Roy Mansell.

W.Bro. Frank Wallace is congratulated on his Special Advancement by the Prov. Grand Marshal, W.Bro. Rodney Bignell

The long day began at 9:30am when a number of Brethren were ‘Instructed’ into the Order by the R.W. Grand Master in order that they could become Founders of the new Courts.  Then selected Brethren were further given Special Progression by R.W. Grand Master so that they may be founding Officers of the new Courts and the attending Brethren were delighted to hear the Grand Master of the Order regaling them with his fine command of the Spanish language..  The R.W. Grand Master was also delighted to add W.Bro. Frank Wallace to this Special Instruction for his support to the proceedings of the day and assistance in establishing the Order in the Province of Spain.

The Masonic Order of Athelstan in England, Wales and its Provinces Overseas is one of the fastest growing Masonic Orders and the establishment of these two new Courts now sees four Courts within our Province and also sees us being able to offer ceremonies in both English and Spanish. The website of the Order is available here/aqui and the details of the Courts within the Province of Spain are available here/aqui.

Following the Solemn ceremonies which ended around 4pm, the Brethren enjoyed a fine Festive Board rounding off a long but highly enjoyable day..


Visita oficial de PGM a Génesis 61

14th March 2019 – 14 de marzo de 2019

El pasado Jueves nuestra Logia celebró su habitual Tenida mensual en su nuevo Templo, y que mejor inaguración que la visita del Gran Maestro Provincial de Valencia, Michael Shilan. Fueron unos trabajos excelentes, con una buena compañia. Puede que nuestra humilde Logia no sea una de las más numerosas, pero no por ello los trabajos tienen menos calidad, mas bien al contrario, pues a la profundidad de estos hay que añadir el ambiente cordial y familiar que se respira en la Logia. Una gran velada. Gracias a todos los visitantes por asistir.

On the 14th of March Genesis No.61 held its usual monthly meeting in its new Temple location.  The Lodge were delighted to have this occasion marked by an official visit by the Provincial Grand Master of Valencia, R.W.Bro. Michael Shilan. The Escort for the Provicial Grand Master was under the direction of the Deputy Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies, W.Bro. Bob Watkins. The work conducted was excellent, with a good company enjoyed by all.

Whilst the Lodge may not be one of the most numerous, that is no reason for the workings to have less quality and all Brethren worked well and as we saw in the 2017 Provincial LOI, their work is excellent.  The Provincial Grand Master sincerely thanked the Worshipful Master and Brethren for a most enjoyable evening and the Lodge gave their sincere thanks to the Provincial Grand Master, his Escort and all the visitors for attending.

If you wish to visit the Lodge and see Emulation ritual being worked in the Spanish language then please contact the Lodge Secretary here/aqui and you will be warmly welcomed.

Important message from the Summer LOI

Summer LOI’s at the Costa Nova Masonic Centre

Dear Brethren all,
The 2019 Summer LOI will re-commence on Saturday 1st June and meet weekly on Saturdays at 2:30pm at the Costa Nova Masonic Centre through the summer. Its purpose is to provide, in a user friendly atmosphere, Masonic instruction and education to all Brethren. The last meeting will be on Saturday 17th August 2019 which will feature a Lodge of Instruction Festive Board Luncheon.
The Summer LOI provides a platform for those brethren who are in office, or about to fill a new office and wish to rehearse. Those brethren who simply wish to “sit in” and not take an active part are also very welcome. The SLOI will observe strict conformity with the Valencian Ritual, and Preceptors of other lodges will be most welcome to attend. There will also be opportunities on given dates for those brethren about to be Passed or Raised to rehearse their answers to the questions leading to the degree they seek to be admitted. Throughout the Summer Season there will be distinguished invited visitors who will deliver talks on interesting and topical subjects and at which brethren will have the opportunity to put questions.
On certain advertised dates there will be in depth discussions on each of the three degrees, and you will have the opportunity to put questions to a panel of experienced Past Masters.
There will also be guidance on the Festive Board, and on appropriate behaviour. How to propose a toast and how to respond. Guidance on the correct form of response to the Visitors Toast. Summer LOI will provide opportunities for you to practice speaking at meetings, and after the very successful concluding meeting of 2018 with a “Festive Board Luncheon” it is planned to include that once again in the 2019 programme, and at which you will be able to practice and receive advice on your oratory skills.
Your lodge secretary will be receiving regular up-dates of the Summer LOI programme.
Visiting brethren from other Constitutions who are considering membership of a Spanish Lodge will always be welcome to attend subject to satisfying certain criteria.
If there is sufficient interest there will be a “Master Class” for those brethren about to be installed as Masters of their lodge or Ruling Masters who have recently been installed. This will deal with the duties and responsibilities of being the Master of the Lodge, and include the preparing of agendas, chairing GPC meetings, PM meetings, and Regular Meetings, and presiding over the Festive Board.
What should you do now? You are being asked to help in the planning of the 2019 Summer LOI by contacting the Summer LOI secretary, W Bro. Matthew James, ProvAGSwdB at: ( to register your interest, and if you wish, indicate any particular activity of special interest you may have. This will greatly assist us in the planning of the programme for the season, and ensure you are kept informed.
Fraternal Greetings,
Summer Lodge of Instruction.

25 Aniversario de la Logia Hiram Abif 80.

La Respetable L.S. Hiram Abif nº 80, adscrita a la G.L.E. y G.L.P. de Valencia, celebra este año 2019 el XXV Aniversario de su Consagración.

La Respetable L.S. Hiram Abif nº 80, adscrita a la G.L.E. y G.L.P. de Valencia, celebra este año 2019 el XXV Aniversario de su Consagración. Con tal motivo han sido programados una serie de actos no solo para festejar su aniversario, sino también con el objetivo de profundizar en la divulgación y conocimiento de la Masonería y al mismo tiempo hacer visible a la sociedad en general los valores que se propugnan desde la Masonería.

El Gran Maestre Provincial, R.H.  Michael Anthony Shilan, realizará una visita oficial a Hiram Abif No 80 con motivo de su 25º aniversario el 17 de mayo de 2019

Los detalles completos se pueden encontrar (aqui) y todas las consultas deben enviarse al Secretario de la Logia (aqui)

The Provincial Grand Master, R.W. Bro Michael Anthony Shilan, will be paying an Official Visit to Hiram Abif No 80 on the occasion of their 25th   Anniversary, on the 17th  May 2019.

To commemorate this important Anniversary, the Lodge will also be holding a series of events including a “Short Story literary Contest”, a “Painting Contest” and culminating in a “Mozart and Freemasonry” conference on the  16th  May 2019.

Full details can be found (here) and all enquiries should be sent to the Lodge Secretary (here)










Provincial Assembly 2019

Saturday 23rd February 2019 – Sábado 23 de febrero de 2019.

On Saturday the 23rd of February the Provincial Grand Master, R.W.Bro. Michael Anthony Shilan welcomed some 200 Masonic Brethren to the 2019 Provincial Grand Lodge of Valencia Assembly 2019 held at the hotel Gran Bali, Benidorm, Spain Hotel_Website.

The minutes of this year’s Assembly can be found here in English (aqui) and here (aqui) in Spanish

The Provincial Grand Master warmly welcomed representatives from the Grand Lodge of Spain as well as dignitaries from other Masonic Provinces, distinguished Brethren and all Lodges of the Province were in attendance.

The representatives of the Grand Lodge of Spain was were led by none other than the Grand Master of Spain, M.W.Bro. Óscar de Alfonso Ortega and the Assistant Grand Master of Spain, R.W.Bro. Barrie Roy Mansell, both of who are Past Provincial Grand Master of this Province.

The Provincial Grand Master was delighted to note that when the roll of Lodges was called all Lodges rose in turn to announce their presence and the Banners of each Lodge were paraded into the Assembly.

In addition all Active Provincial Officers were present with the exception of only 7 who all presented their formal apologies and salutations to the Provincial Grand Master.

A solemn remembrance was held for those Brethren that have passed to the Grand Lodge above since the last Assembly and are remembered in the Lodge of Sorrow within this website.

The Provincial Grand Secretary, W.Bro. David Watts and the Provincial Treasurer, W.Bro. Fred Miller both presented their reports which are available for you to read here….

In addition the Provincial Grand Treasurer presented the statement of accounts for the preceding year and the budget for the coming year which are available for your review here….

The Auditors both rose to confirm that the accounts had been thoroughly audited and were found to be in excellent order and the Brethren assembled voted unanimously to accept both the accounts and the budget.

There were many highlights but one notable one was the Appointment, Obligation and Investiture of the new Deputy Provincial Grand Master, W.Bro. Terrence Porter who was paraded before the assembled Brethren and Invested by the Provincial Grand Master.

The Provincial Grand Master then gave his sincere thanks to the retiring Deputy Provincial Grand Master, V.W.Bro. Rodney C. Bignell and presented him with a Past Deputy Provincial Grand Master`s Collette and Jewel making particular note of the dedicated hard work that V.W.Bro. Bignell has given to him personally and to the Province.

The Assistant Provincial Grand Master`s were then reappointed, W.Bro. Roy A. Mitchell and W.Bro. Eladio Gonzalez Jover.

The Provincial Grand Tyler was Proposed and Elected, W.Bro. John. McGuire, along with the two account Auditors followed by the Appointment, Obligation and Investiture of the two new Provincial Grand Warden`s, Provincial Senior Grand Warden, W.Bro. Graham Simons and Provincial Junior Grand Warden, W.Bro. Keith Alcock.

The Provincial Grand Officers both Active and Past were appointed and a full list is available in this website and can be seen by clicking (here/aqui).

The Provincial Grand Master was then presented with all of the current serving Masters of his Lodges and each was welcomed individually as well as all Initiates who had joined the Craft since the last Assembly.

The Working Committees were confirmed and a full list is available here/aqui

Certificates for Distinguished Service to Masonry were presented to the following Brethren….

W.Bro. Derek Moseley Oliva La Safor Lodge No 112 55 years
RW.Bro. Neville Jarrett San Juan de Espana Lodge No 28 50 years
RW.Bro. Ray Horn Puerto de Xabia Lodge No 58 50 years
W.Bro. Graham Scutt  Oliva La Safor No 112 45 years
W.Bro. Les Beech San Jorge Lodge No 165 45 years
W.Bro. Clifford Gingell Las Salinas Lodge No 79 40 years

The Provincial Grand Master addressed the Assembly and his address is available for your review (Address_EN) (Discurso_ES). A further highlight was the announcement of the Mason of the Year which this year was presented to W.Bro. Fred Miller to the delight of all present.

Alms were collected and the M.W.Grand Master of Spain and his Assistant retired from the Assembly which was then closed in solemn form and all Brethren retired to enjoy a Festive Board with speeches and toasts.

In summary the 2019 Provincial Assembly carried on the proud tradition of this Province and of Spanish Masonry, it combined formal ceremonial aspects along with necessary business and accountability and all supported by the fraternal good spirit annoyed by Freemasons worldwide.

The photographs from the event are below this article, should any Brother require a full (higher definition) copy of any picture please email to quoting the reference number of the required picture(s).


Javea Lodge No.40 Celebrates 30 Years

30th January 2019 – 30 de enero de 2019

On Wednesday the 30th of January the Brethren of Javea Lodge No.40 were honored to receive a visit from the Grand Master of Spain, MWBro. Óscar de Alfonso Ortega as well as the Assistant Grand Master of Spain, R.W.Bro. Barrie Roy Mansell and the Provincial Grand Master of Valencia RWBro Michael Anthony Shilan who was accompanied by his senior team, all were there to join the Lodge in marking the 30th anniversary of the Lodge.

Consecrated on Friday the 27th of January 1989 at the Hostal Portichol, Cabo la Nao, 6km, Javea the Lodge has gone from strength to strength and although he was only able to arrive back into Spain earlier that morning the Grand Master spoke of his affection for the Lodge and that nothing would have prevented him from being present to give his personal appreciation to the Lodge.

The ceremony of the evening was the Installation of the new Worshipful Master, W.Bro. Nigel Parker who was Installed in a most excellent way by the Installing Master, W.Bro. Jens Gerl.

Presentation of the Consecration Summons

During the course of the evening one of the Founders of the Lodge, W.Bro. Hugh Parker presented a copy of the very first Summons signed by all that were present on that day in 1989 to be preserved with the Lodge records.

A history of the Lodge was presented by W.Bro. Derek Wait and is included within the commemorative Summons which is available to be viewed here.

In giving his congratulations to the Lodge the Provincial Grand Master also made mention of the excellent work the Lodge had done in organising the 2018 Provincial Lodge of Instruction.

All Brethren of the Province are encouraged to visit Javea Lodge No.40 during their 30th year to offer their congratulations in person and the Lodge Secretary, W.Bro. Matthew James can be contacted here