Grand Lodge Assembly 2022

9th April 2022

Grand Lodge Assembly 2022

On April 9th in Madrid, M.W.Bro. Txema Oleaga was installed as Grand Master of Spain, with some 300 members of the Grand Lodge of Spain attending the meeting.

The ceremony was performed by M.W.Bro. Oscar de Alfonso Ortega, the out going Grand Master, with all the grandness that you would expect at any prestigious event.

Amongst those that who received Grand Lodge honours were, R.W.Bro. Barrie Mansell who was invested as Assistant Grand Master and R.W.Bro. Rodney Bignell was invested as Provincial Grand Master of Valencia.

For the list of Grand lodge officers please click on the Link below:

Grand Lodge Officers

The Festivities continued to the festive board where many of the brethren dined, the menu was exquisite, the atmosphere intoxicating and everyone enjoying the brother love that was all around.


Last Lodge meeting for Grand Master and Prov. Grand Master.

Final Meeting of Grand and Provincial Grand Masters,

On Wednesday evening, 5th April a very unusual and very poignant meeting was held by the Brethren of Arenal Deportiva Lodge Number 65. Ostensibly this was to be a demonstration of the ceremony of Raising given by the WM WBro Philip Bowick and his officers. This ceremony was indeed carried out, and extremely well!

What made this meeting so different, however, was that it was honoured by the presence of the Provincial Grand Master, RWBro Michael Anthony Shilan and what made it moving was that, for the PGM, this was to be his last visit as PGM  before leaving office. It was particularly poignant that this is his mother Lodge. I believe the Lodge did him proud on the night!

A great surprise for the PGM was that, after he arrived, he was amazed to see that the Grand Master of Spain MW Bro Oscar de Alfonso Ortega was also making a private visit. This too was poignant  in that it was also his last visit before leaving office. His attendance was kept so secret from the PGM, that he was even sent a special summons without this detail included. The surprise was complete.

This was a fantastic and very emotional evening for all concerned but especially for the GM and the PGM. After the ceremony the GM rose and thanked and congratulated everyone involved for their great performances and said how much he had enjoyed being the Grand Master of Spain. He said he had seldom, if ever, seen a better ceremony. He has served as GM for the past twelve years, surely a record, but now looked forward to a little more time at home with his wife and family.  He wished the Lodge well and assured us that he would now be able to visit us more often. We hope so too. He will always be most welcome!

The PGM then rose and said how proud he was of this, his mother Lodge, and said he had seldom seen a ceremony carried out more professionally. He too expressed great pride in the Lodge and said he had enjoyed his five years as PGM and had many happy memories of the many happy times he had enjoyed. He too expressed the hope that with a little more free time to spend with his wife and family, he would still be able to come to more Lodge meetings. Again, we hope so, he too will always be welcome. On behalf of Arenal Deportiva, and I am sure, the rest of the Province  we wish him well for the future. Thank you Michael for all that you have done.



Valencia Hosts Grand Lodge Assembly 2019

9th March 2019

The Provincial grand Master, R.W. Bro. Michael Anthony Shilan was delighted that the Grand Master of Spain, M.W. Bro. Óscar de Alfonso Ortega selected Valencia as the city to host the 2019 Grand Lodge of Spain Assembly, the 38th Assembly to be held since the reformation of the Grand Lodge of Spain.

The Province of Valencia assisted in the setting-up and running of the Grand Lodge Assembly with a number of items of Masonic Furniture and featuring our recently refurbished Masonic Columns.  All was conducted under the watchful eye of the Grand Director of Ceremonies, R.W. Bro. Jeffrey Hyde who is also a Valencian Mason.

Noting that the Grand Master had entered into Freemasonry within this Province and is an active member of Lodges within the Province, this was very much his ‘home’ and the Grand Master took time in his address to thank the Provincial Grand Master and the Brethren of this Province for their continued support with particular thanks to the Stewards Lodge of Valencia for their work as the Honor Guard along with many Brethren from this Province who also Officiated in other roles at the Assembly.

More than 300 Brethren were gathered together to see the Grand Master of Spain welcome Grand Masters, their representatives and accompanying Brethren representing 32 Grand Lodges from around the world.  A full list can be seen (here/aqui)

One highlight was the handing-over of the Traveling Masonic Bible, known as the ‘Itinerant  Bible’ to W.Bro. Ian Bullock, the Worshipful Master of Caledonia Lodge No.68 within the Province of Valencia. This Bible will now reside in the care of the Brethren of Caledonia Lodge No.68 until it is handed over to the next holders at next years Grand Lodge Assembly.  W.Bro. Ian Bullock is pictured with the Provincial Grand Master and the Traveling Bible.

A number of Brethren from this Province were honored with Grand Rank.  A full list of those receiving Grand Honours and Promotions is available within this website and can be viewed here/aqui

Grand Lodge of Spain 2018 Assembly

10th March 2018 – 10 de marzo de 2018

Brethren form all Provinces of Spain as well as 14 Grand Masters and representatives of 31 Grand Lodges met in Madrid on the 10th of March to celebrate the 2018 Grand Lodge of Spain Assembly.

More than 400 Brethren were gathered together to see the Grand Master of Spain, Most Worshipful Óscar de Alfonso Ortega be once again Installed as the Grand Master having successful won the election that was held across Spain earlier that day.

The Installation ceremony was conducted by the Grand Master of Portugal, the Most Respectable Brother Júlio Meirinhos, who occupied the chair of King Solomon as Grand Master Installer, assisted at Wardens by the Grand Master of German Masonry, the Most Respectable Brother Christoph Bosbach, and the Grand Master of Freemasonry of Paraná (Brazil), the Very Respectable Brother Rubens Martins JR.

In his address to the Assembly the Grand Master thanked the Brethren for the confidence placed in him for a third and final term and he invited all members of Spanish Masonry to reflect on the electoral process and the learning’s from it.

The Grand Master is now elected to lead Spanish Masonry until 2022 and called on all the Brethren of the Grand Lodge of Spain to “restore harmony” and to “live fraternity” because “the strength of our institution resides in the commitment of each of its members with ideals of honor and rectitude, with Brothers like yourselves, the cathedrals were built, it is the time to ask all of us to be generous and forget the moments of tension experienced, because our common work needs us united and our ideals of love and fraternity demand it from us”.

Our Deputy Provincial Grand Master, V.W.Bro. Rodney Charles Bignell received Past Grand Superintendent and with it the title of Very Worshipful Brother.

Many Brethren from the Province of Valencia assisted in the smooth running of the Assembly as well as receiving Active and Past Grand Ranks.  All was conducted under the watchful eye of our own R.W.Bro. Jeffrey Steven Hyde who was surprised by the Grand Master who added an additional presentation, appointing him as Past Junior Grand Warden and with it the title of Right Worshipful Brother.

In his closing address the Grand Master thanked the Grand DC Team for the excellent floor work as well as the Provincial Grand Stewards of Valencia for their assistance.

The full list of Grand Officers within this Province is available for review in the ‘PROVINCIAL EXECUTIVE AND OFFICERS’ section of this website.
Those recognised from the Province of Valencia this year are:

Past Junior Grand Warden /
Grand Director of Ceremonies
Right Worshipful Brother Jeffrey Steven Hyde 2018
Past Grand Superintendent Very Worshipful Brother Rodney Charles Bignell 2018
Assistant Grand Director of Ceremonies Worshipful Brother Alberto Moreno Moreno 2018
Past Assistant Grand Director of Ceremonies Worshipful Brother Graham Simons 2018
Past Assistant Grand Director of Ceremonies Worshipful Brother Paul Anthony Burletson 2018
Past Grand Standard Bearer Worshipful Brother Frank Hammond 2018
Past Grand Standard Bearer Worshipful Brother David Hobden 2018
Past Grand Standard Bearer Worshipful Brother Ian Crawford 2018
Grand Steward Worshipful Brother Yuri Aguilar Sanz 2018

W.Bro. Ian Crawford had a special surprise when his son Robert traveled from England to surprise him the Grand Lodge Assembly and see W.Bro. Ian receive Past Grand Standard Bearer.

At the meeting the Traveling Bible was passed from Lodge Hesperia No.162 to Lodge Comenius No.113 whose Brethren will use it for the next year until passing it on in in March 2019 to a Lodge of their choice.   Lodge San Juan de Cataluña No.1 of was the first to receive the Traveling Bible in 2016 and it will take almost two hundred years to circulate through all of the Lodges of Spanish Masonry.





M.W.Bro. Óscar de Alfonso Re-elected as Grand Master

Record Third Term

Following the vote conducted among the eligible Brethren of the Grand Lodge of Spain on Saturday the 10th of March 2018, the Most Worshipful Brother Óscar de Alfonso Ortega was again elected as the Grand Master of Spain for the third term of four years.

A total of 826 Brethren exercised their right to vote in the election and M.W.Bro. Óscar de Alfonso Ortega received 59% of the votes cast.

There then proceeded the Investiture of the Grand Master and the other Candidate on the election, R.W.Bro. Manuel Torres Izquierdo rose to congratulate the Grand Master and to commit his loyalty to the Most Worshipful Grand Master and the Grand Lodge of Spain.

The Provincial Grand Master of Valencia, R.W.Bro. Michael Anthony Shilan was among the first to congratulate the Grand Master and affirm the loyalty of the Province of Valencia.

An article concerning the Grand Lodge Assembly held on March 10th and the election of the Grand Master is available in;

Grand Master Voting Opens

Grand Master and PGM Cast First Valencia Votes

At 10am EST today the voting opened across Spain for the election of the Grand Master and at the stoke of 10am the first votes were cast from the Province of Valencia by our Provincial Grand Master, R.W.Bro. Michael Shilan and the Grand Master of Spain, M.W.Bro. Óscar de Alfonso whose home Lodge is located within our Province.

They cast their votes at the Province of Valencia voting station located at the Grand Lodge Assembly in Madrid under the watchful eyes of our Voting Officers at that location, W.Bro. David Watts PGSec and W.Bro. Graham Scutt PAGsec.

The details on how and where to vote are available within this website members area under the ‘Grand Lodge News’ section.

All eligible Brethren are encouraged to ensure they cast their vote by 2pm today.


Three New Provincial Grand Masters for Catalunya, Castilla and Murcia Announced

GLE Announcements – January 2018

Grand Lodge recently issued three new Decreto’s announcing three new Provincial Grand Masters.

Decreto 1229;
Associated translation of 1229 TRAD DTO GLE 240118

Decreto 1230;
Associated translation of 1230 TRAD DTO GLE 240118

Decreto 1231;
Associated translation of 1231 TRAD DTO GLE 240118

XXXVII Grand Lodge Assembly Details – 2018

Madrid – 10th March 2018 – 10 de marzo de 2018


The 2018 and 37th Grand Lodge Assembly will be held at 16:00 on Saturday the 10th of March 2018, at the Hotel Melia, Avenida America, Madrid (hotel website) and location.  Details on how to make a booking at the hotel are included in this Communication from Grand Lodge re 2018 Assembly Booking.

The following updates are placed in descending order with the most recent update appearing first.

6th of March Update
One of the Candidates for election, Ramon Viñals Soler has withdrawn his candidacy and so there are now two remaining candidates for election;
Oscar de Alfonso Ortega
Manuel Torres Izquierdo


4th February Update
Grand Lodge have announced the programme for the day, the details are in the following communication from Grand Lodge re 2018 Assembly.

There will also be a gala dinner in the evening that needs to be booked at a cost of 55 Euros per person.  It must be booked by March 1st using this booking form for Grand Lodge Assembly 2018 Gala Dinner.  The Gala Dinner must be booked and paid by March 1st.




14th of January Update
It was announced at the 13th of January Gran Conclave that there will be three candidates for the election of Grand Master.  Their names as well as details on the election process will be issued by Grand Lodge shortly.

The candidates were subsequently named as;
Oscar de Alfonso Ortega
Manuel Torres Izquierdo
Ramon Viñals Soler

Gran Conclave Representatives

An opportunity to represent GLPV

January 15th 2018

The Province of Valencia is inviting Brethren to put their names forward for election as one of our FIVE representatives on the Gran Conclave for the next three years.

The Gran Conclave is the Debating Chamber for Grand Lodge Policy and makes recommendations to the Grand Lodge Assembly. It is the link between the brethren of the Provinces and the Grand Lodge. In general major decisions are made by the Gran Conclave. It has to be said that most of the debating takes place in Spanish so a basic understanding of Spanish is required. The Gran Conclave is formed from senior members of Grand Lodge together with the eight Provincial Grand Masters and the elected members from each of the eight Provinces. In total there are about 60 members. Meetings are generally held in Madrid and Barcelona. In principal members have to meet their own costs of traveling and accommodation but at times the Province may provide some financial assistance.

If you are interested in putting your name forward then please do so through your Lodge Secretary as soon as possible.


W.Bro. David C. Watts

Grand Lodge Launches App for all Members

Grand Lodge has launched an APP for Spanish Masonry called Frater

Grand Lodge has launched an APP for Spanish Masonry called Frater.

The APP puts the whole fraternity of Spain in the hands of each of its active members.   It allows you to do three things: tell other Brethren that you will be in their city to visit them, use one of the five travel distress alerts should you require assistance and respond fraternally to any Alert created by another Brother.

Each user must configure their profile indicating their own provinces. Any user can generate alerts to plan a trip or launch one of the five SOS Alerts that generate an emergent message that other users of the application can respond to.

The APP is available from the Android Play Store or the Apple APP Store and once downloaded and to enable yourself as an active User you must email a request to

Please note, the Province have no control over access to or content within the APP.