Provincial Grand Lodge of Valencia

Masonic meetings may now take place subject to approval by the PGM and the ProvGSec.

Lodges should submit a Safety Plan, including the name(s) of their designated Safety Officer(s).

A Message from R.W. Bro M.A. Shilan

Provincial Grand Master of Valencia



On Tuesday 5th May the Provincial Executive Committee met, by video conferencing to discuss what form of guidance could be given to Lodges as the current State of Emergency Lock-down restrictions start to ease.  Uppermost in our thoughts was the need to safeguard the health of our Brethren whilst also bearing in mind the requirement not to create any greater risk for their partners or their families.

We have a requirement to comply with Government regulations and Grand Lodge instructions.  The committee acknowledged that Government guidance is changing but central to all requirements is social distancing and this makes the carrying out of our ceremonies very difficult.  The restrictions placed on the number of people who could meet in a group greatly hinders our larger Provincial events.


The Provincial Executive Committee, therefore, decided at this early stage, to cancel the Provincial Golf Tournament and the Provincial Ladies Night planned for 2 July and 17 October respectively. Both events would expect to have a considerable number of people attending thus adding to health and safety problems and possible confliction with Government regulations.

Making these decisions now will reduce any concern about risk to our members and their partners. Unnecessary work and planning for the events will be avoided should circumstances not allow our events to proceed due to Government restrictions.  At this moment in time there are limits on how many can play golf at any one time and hotels are not yet open thus adding to our concerns about both of these events.

A decision will be taken later with regard to the holding of the Provincial Lodge of Instruction scheduled for 21st November 2020.


We are currently restricted by Grand Lodge in holding any Lodge Meetings until the end of May. The Provincial Executive Committee strongly recommend to all Lodges that they hold no regular Lodge meetings during June, July and August which would require members to convene in a building.

As the majority of Lodges do not hold meetings during the months of June, July and August the curtailment of meetings should have minimal impact.


The same Government restrictions and the safety of our members, that was uppermost in our decision to recommend no regular Lodge meetings in June, July and August, applies to Lodges of Instruction.  However, in this instance, Lodges may choose to be creative about how they continue to ensure the enthusiasm of our members by developing their knowledge by holding Zoom Lodge of Instructions.  Some are already doing this; however, they should not be used for practicing ritual and parts of ceremonies.


There is little doubt that our members have risen to the challenge of Lock down and many have been introduced to many methods of social media and, in particular, the ability to hold video conferences.  There is a great advantage in holding video conferences in that they keep us all closer and we can see that all are well.  Please don’t forget absent brethren – they may be absent because they are not well and need help.

We have skilled brethren who can help to organise Zoom meetings so if you need help just ask the Provincial Secretary.

At some time in the future we may create a calendar on the website to register dates and times for important Lodge Zoom meetings.  Any organiser should ensure that all entrants to the group are personally known.  It is safest to issue invites and issue a meeting number and password.

At the start of each video conference meeting Lodge Secretaries should be given the authority to record the meeting for assistance in producing minutes but no other recordings should be allowed and the secretary should destroy the recording after the minutes have been circulated and agreed.  No part of any recording should ever be sent to a third party.


Discussions will take place with the Management Committees of both of our major masonic centres in Quesada and Costa Nova to ensure that before any meetings are held that we are all satisfied with the health and safety standards.

Where Lodges meet in venues other than Quesada and Costa Nova the Lodge will be required to ensure that the health and safety standards are being complied with.


A small number of Lodges have already had to cancel their Installation Meetings. Once the Masonic Season gets underway these can be held. The majority of Installation Meetings start from September. Hopefully by then we will be in a less dangerous environment.

The current masonic year has been drastically foreshortened and some current WM’s may be unhappy that they will not be able to preside over the usual number of Lodge meetings and events. Lodges will have to consider whether to extend the period of the current Master by delaying the Installation meeting or allowing the current Master to rule for another year after his current part year or indeed do nothing.  These are just some options, but it is for individual Lodges, through their GP committees, to decide how they are going to resolve this problem.  However, remember that the current Master cannot serve more than two year’s consecutively.

If the Lodge’s decision requires a change to the Installation date, then this must be approved by a Dispensation from the Provincial Grand Master.  No charge will be made for any Dispensation related to the current crisis.

The usual procedure for the election of the M.E., Treasurer, Tyler, Auditors (and Orador) at a meeting prior to the Installation meeting may not be possible now.  There is no objection on this occasion for Lodges to have such elections at the Installation meeting as one of the first items on the Order of the Day provided that the Lodge Summons clearly states this will be happening. The Summons must be sent to the Provincial Secretary as normal.

Some Lodges use a ballot system to elect their Master Elect and some declare him if there is only one candidate.  Any Ballots and Elections must be carried out at the Lodge meeting and not by Video Conference voting.  Any changes in elections procedures which do not conform to the Bye Laws of the Lodge should request a Dispensation from the P.G.M. Again, this will be granted without charge on this occasion.


The Grand Master has removed the Dispensation for English Speaking Lodges not to use Extended Workings for the Installation Ceremonies.  This change was due to be implemented from September of this year.  Due to the lack of opportunity to practise the longer ceremony, Lodges who find it difficult to comply with the change may invite another Master to do the Installation or choose to continue with the shorter version for this year.

Sincerely and fraternally

Michael Shilan

Annual Provincial Assembly 2020 – Grand Draw

Saturday 29th February 2020 – Sabado 29 de Febrero 2020


The Annual Provincial Draw for 2019/2020 took place on Saturday 29th February at the Gran Bali hotel in Benidorm.  The winning Tickets and Prize Monies were as follows:

  • 1st Prize  Ticket Number 1886, Bjorn Morck -Dovre Lodge No 184 – 500 Euros
  • 2nd Prize Ticket Number 1871, Tom Halverson -Dovre Lodge No 184  – 250 Euros
  • 3rd Prize  Ticket Number 0772, Puerto De Xabia Lodge No 58  – 100 Euros
  • 4th Prize  Ticket Number 0407,   Santa Faz Lodge No 48 – 5 0 Euros  Ticket Number 1722,    Robert Ward, Dama De Elche Lodge – 50 Euros

V.W. Bro Fred Miller

Provincial Treasurer

Official Visit to White River Lodge No 153

Wednesday 13th November 2019

White River Installation 13 November 2019 (Official Visit)

Thirty-three members and visitors attended the twelfth Installation  Meeting of White River Lodge 153 to install W Bro Richard Millo as its Worshipful Master. One very important attendee was RW Bro Michael Shilan, who as well as being the Provincial Grand Master of Valencia, is also a founder member of the Lodge.

In what is now becoming a regular annual visit from members of Lodge Grange 1073 of the Grand Lodge of Scotland, PM Bro Jim Kier and Bro Graham Webster were warmly received and assisted in the ceremony.


The future appears positive for White River Lodge with the members now seeing just reward for their hard work, three initiates and three joining members have been added to the nominal roll in the past year. An extra meeting has been added to this years’ calendar so, on 4th Dec the lodge will have four initiates, followed by one more in January, together with two more joining members.

The nationalities of these joining members and the initiates, are Spanish, Argentinian and Cuban, they join a membership already consisting of Brothers from those countries, plus Saudi Arabia, Scotland France, the USA and England.

Please contact the secretary ( here ) if you wish to visit the Lodge.


Officers of the Lodge:

Visita oficial de PGM a Génesis 61

14th March 2019 – 14 de marzo de 2019

El pasado Jueves nuestra Logia celebró su habitual Tenida mensual en su nuevo Templo, y que mejor inaguración que la visita del Gran Maestro Provincial de Valencia, Michael Shilan. Fueron unos trabajos excelentes, con una buena compañia. Puede que nuestra humilde Logia no sea una de las más numerosas, pero no por ello los trabajos tienen menos calidad, mas bien al contrario, pues a la profundidad de estos hay que añadir el ambiente cordial y familiar que se respira en la Logia. Una gran velada. Gracias a todos los visitantes por asistir.

On the 14th of March Genesis No.61 held its usual monthly meeting in its new Temple location.  The Lodge were delighted to have this occasion marked by an official visit by the Provincial Grand Master of Valencia, R.W.Bro. Michael Shilan. The Escort for the Provicial Grand Master was under the direction of the Deputy Provincial Grand Director of Ceremonies, W.Bro. Bob Watkins. The work conducted was excellent, with a good company enjoyed by all.

Whilst the Lodge may not be one of the most numerous, that is no reason for the workings to have less quality and all Brethren worked well and as we saw in the 2017 Provincial LOI, their work is excellent.  The Provincial Grand Master sincerely thanked the Worshipful Master and Brethren for a most enjoyable evening and the Lodge gave their sincere thanks to the Provincial Grand Master, his Escort and all the visitors for attending.

If you wish to visit the Lodge and see Emulation ritual being worked in the Spanish language then please contact the Lodge Secretary here/aqui and you will be warmly welcomed.

25 Aniversario de la Logia Hiram Abif 80.

La Respetable L.S. Hiram Abif nº 80, adscrita a la G.L.E. y G.L.P. de Valencia, celebra este año 2019 el XXV Aniversario de su Consagración.

La Respetable L.S. Hiram Abif nº 80, adscrita a la G.L.E. y G.L.P. de Valencia, celebra este año 2019 el XXV Aniversario de su Consagración. Con tal motivo han sido programados una serie de actos no solo para festejar su aniversario, sino también con el objetivo de profundizar en la divulgación y conocimiento de la Masonería y al mismo tiempo hacer visible a la sociedad en general los valores que se propugnan desde la Masonería.

El Gran Maestre Provincial, R.H.  Michael Anthony Shilan, realizará una visita oficial a Hiram Abif No 80 con motivo de su 25º aniversario el 17 de mayo de 2019

Los detalles completos se pueden encontrar (aqui) y todas las consultas deben enviarse al Secretario de la Logia (aqui)

The Provincial Grand Master, R.W. Bro Michael Anthony Shilan, will be paying an Official Visit to Hiram Abif No 80 on the occasion of their 25th   Anniversary, on the 17th  May 2019.

To commemorate this important Anniversary, the Lodge will also be holding a series of events including a “Short Story literary Contest”, a “Painting Contest” and culminating in a “Mozart and Freemasonry” conference on the  16th  May 2019.

Full details can be found (here) and all enquiries should be sent to the Lodge Secretary (here)










Santa Faz Charity Beach Walk

Santa Faz Lodge raises over €1.400 for Charity.

On Saturday the 16th March 2019, a throng of intrepid walkers braved the warm spring sunshine and set off from the International Club in El Campello, for their annual sponsored beach walk.

This annual walk is organised by Santa Faz Lodge No.48 and raises funds for the Master’s Charities.  This year, the main beneficiary will be the Nazaret Orphanage in Alicante which also provides education and training for poor and underprivileged children.  The walk, along Muchavista beach, with mandatory refreshment stop, is usually completed in about two hours.                

After the walk, a much appreciated Barbecue  was enjoyed by over 60 people who then relaxed to the singing of  Tony Francis.

All in all, a very enjoyable afternoon which raised over €1,400 much needed funds for the Master’s charity coffers.

If you would like to learn more please contact the Lodge Secretary at