Andreas Visted

Dovre Lodge Nº184

W.Bro. Andreas Visted passed to the Grand Lodge above on the 8th of December 2019.

The Secretary of Dovre Lodge, W.Bro. Per Aubert wrote the following;

My brothers.
It is my heavy duty to inform you that W.Bro. Andreas Visted has abandoned his earthly tools and wandered into the eternal East; in that he passed away on death December 8, 2019. Brother Andreas Visted had at his death (X* degree) the Chapter Prefect Degree. Andreas was our WM in the years 2006 to 2011 and was an honorary member of our lodge.

PGM Visits Armonia de Ifach Nº46

2nd December 2019 – 2 de diciembre de 2019

The Provincial Grand Master, R.W.Bro. Michael Shilan made an official visit to Armonia de Ifach Nº46 to support the Lodge in celebrating a White Table event with their ladies and to help round-off a fantastic year for the Lodge which saw them, back in October, Install W.Bro. Dennis Squirrell into the Chair of King Solomon.

The PGM congratulated the Brethren of the Lodge for the way in which they had exemplified the Masonic value of Brotherly Love in supporting their Worshipful Master to attain the Chair after so many years of Masonic service.  He spoke of the support and excellent service that W.Bro. Dennis had given to the Province over the years and how happy he was to now be able to make an Official Visit and be welcomed by the Worshipful Master.

The PGM was accompanied by the Provincial Junior Grand Warden, W.Bro. Keith Alcock and an Escort headed by the Provincial Deputy Director of Ceremonies, W.Bro. Bob Watkins as well as the Provincial Deputy Grand Sword Bearer, W.Bro. Gordon Ramshead and the Provincial Assistant Grand Standard Bearer, W.Bro. Frank Wallace and four Provincial Grand Steward’s.

After the ceremony was concluded the Brethren joined their Ladies and other guests for a White Table celebration.

On Monday the 3rd of February the Brethren of Armonia de Ifach Nº46 are looking forward to welcoming a large contingent of Brethren from Wales who have visited previously and regaled the Brethren with an evening of Fraternal Harmony, in both Masonic terms and in actual song. You are encouraged to look out for the Summons of this meeting and make sure that you get along, it is going to be one not to be missed and on this occasion will be held at the Javea Masonic Centre at Costa Nova.

Provincial Lodge of Instruction 2019

30th January 2019 – 30 de enero de 2019

With the attendance of the Assistant Grand Master of Spain, R.W. Bro. Barrie Roy Mansell and the Provincial Grand Master of Valencia, R.W. Bro. Michael Anthony Shilan, and a number of senior Brethren, the Provincial Lodge of Instruction 2019, hosted by Santa Faz Lodge No.48 continued the proud history of this annual event by delivering a most excellent ceremony followed by a first class festive board.

Provincial LOI Demonstration Team

Around 140 Brethren packed into the Hotel Port Alicante in San Juan de Alicant to enjoy a ceremony delivered in a mixture of English and Spanish by Brethren representing Lodges from across the Province.

The hosting Lodge this year was Santa Faz Lodge No.48 and the Brethren delivering the ceremony were….

Brethren from the Manor of Bexley No.5977 and their hosts

The Worshipful Master for the day, Brother Greg Hustler and his team (details of which are listed in the Summons here in English and Castellano) drew praise from the Brethren and all delivered a fine demonstration with particular praise being reserved for Brother Stuart Powell for delivering the Charge to the Initiate in Spanish.

Also in attendance were 11 Brethren from the Manor of Bexley No.5977 from the United Grand Lodge of England who were guests of V.W.Bro. Fred Miller and R.W.Bro. Norman L. Wheatley.

At the Festive Board the Brethren from the Manor of Bexley Lodge No.5977 presented a cheque to the Provincial Grand Master towards the charitable efforts of the Province and in support of the campaign to detect and counter Prostate Cancer among our Brethren and provided details on the activities taken within their home Province to counter Prostate Cancer. All Brethren are encouranged to speak about this detectable and treatable cancer and to use the help and support available in our Province and detailed in this website here.  They also presented a plaque to the Provincial Grand Master in recognition of the 75th anniversary of the the Manor of Bexley Lodge.

Eugen Ulrich Schwalm

Arenal Deportiva Lodge Nº65

It was with great sadness that our dear Brother Ulrich Schwalm passed to the Grand Lodge Above on the 10th of November 2019.

He was a member of Arenal Deportiva Lodge Nº65 and Marina Alta Installed Master’s Lodge  Nº144.  Our sympathies and condolences go out to Karin his wife, his children, and to the other members of his family

2019 Charity Golf Tournament Raises an Amazing 5,000€

Target reached to send 50 underprivileged children on holiday

On Friday the 28th of June at the Bonalba Golf & Spa Resort near Alicante, The Provincial Grand Master, R.W.Bro. Michael Anthony Shilan, hosted this year’s Provincial Charity Golf Tournament.

Bro. Mike Wyatt handing the ‘John William Harvey Memorial Trophy’ to the Provincial Grand Master and his Lady

Our biggest event to date. Registration opened at 8am and after a  quick practice at the nets for some, all 102 players were out on the course for the “Charity Pairs Texas Scramble” which was started with the letting-off of a rocket at 9.15am to signal that play should begin from the various tees around the course.

The weather was fantastic, but very hot out on the course for the players and after play was over it was back to the clubhouse for a well deserved drink, a Raffle, the Prize Giving and an Auction, followed by Tapas and refreshments.

Brethren enjoying the day

This year saw the first award of the John William Harvey Memorable Trophy, the first winning Masonic pair being Bob Watkins and Nigel Parker of Java Lodge No.40 for the best Masonic team score of 78 (including joint handicap).


The best Score of the day was from Campbell Lamont and Jon Wills Gross with a very respectable 68.
Runners-up were;
2)  Adrian Candela and Tim Richards            net 61 +8
3)  Eric Owens and Mike Tucker                    net 62+11
4)  Chris Van Bemmelen and  Helmut Treiber      net 63+ 9

At 3.00 pm a Raffle was held and the prizes were awarded.  This was followed by Tapas and Drinks.

A culmination of a wonderful day’s golf at Bonalba Golf Club (Bonalba Golf & Spa website).  On the day, the Provincial Grand Master also received two cheques, one from White River Lodge No 153 for  €1,050 and one from the Logia Tribunal De Las Aguas Mark Masons for €350.  An amazing total of approximately 5,000€ was raised from the Sponsorships, Raffle, and Auction on the day.

The Province sends sincere thanks to all participants, to the Bonalba Golf Club for providing a wonderful course and all of their amazing support, the greens were cut to perfection and to W.Bro. Richard Davis of Santa Faz Lodge No.48 who was our host at the Golf Club, and Bro Mike Wyatt, for his knowledge of the game and organisation on the day with an amazing band of willing helpers.

First Team starting from Tee#1

To our Sponsors and players, a big thank you.  To all the supporters on the day and who helped leading up to the tournament many thanks, but most of all to the Lodges for their support they have given to the PGMs Charity the Children’s Summer Camp.

When this amazing total raised at the Charity Golf Day is added to the other contributions from all Lodges in the Province as well as other events we are able to send 50 Children on this Wonderful holiday.

My sincere thanks for all your support.
W.Bro. Trevor Bagnall  Provincial Grand Charity Steward.










Bienvenue mon frère

5th July 2019 – 5 de julio de 2019

Brothers In Harmony – Frères en harmonie – Hermanos en armonía

On the 5th of July 2019 the Worshipful Master and Brethren of Regeneración Lodge No.132 hosted a very special visit from the Assistant Grand Master of France T.R.F. Jacques Cambon, the Grand Master of the Province of Occitanie, T.R.F. Pierre Hournarette, his Deputy PGM and Assistant PGM and a number of French Brethren.  To mark this auspicious occasion, the Provincial Grand Master of Valencia, R.W.Bro. Michael A. Shilan was present with his Official Escort to warmly welcome them.

The Worshipful Master of Regeneración Lodge No.132, V.H. Andres Rascal, his Officers and Brethren were also honored to welcome the Worshipful Masters of two French Lodges who were also in attendance.

It was described by those present as a very emotional evening wich further enforced and celebrated the fraternal ties between Regeneración Lodge No.132 and Saint Jean de Tiberiade Lodge No.1631. The Worshipful Masters of both Lodges expressed their strong desire to continue working on a twinning project. All of this was further enforced by a strong delegation of the Grand Lodge of France and the Province of Occitanie as well as our own Provincial Grand Master and many Brethren of GLPV.  It also further enforced the strong and historic relationship that has long esisted between our two great Grand Lodges.

Due to the large number of attendees the Lodge had to change location for this special meeting and used the hotel SH Valencia Palace, the same location that was used for the last Grand Lodge Assembly.

The full list of the Senior French Dignitaries is:
T.R.F. Jacques CAMBON
Assistant Grand Maître et membre du Conseil des Sages
Grand Maître Provincial de la Province Occitanie
R.F. Claude FABRE, Député Grand Maître Provincial
R.F. Jacques SEGUELA, Assistant Grand Maître Provincial
T.V.F. Raymond LABRY, Grand Orateur Provincial
The remaining French visitors were headed by;
V.F. Patrick SALINAS
VM (WM) of the RF Saint-Jean de Tibériade 1631 à l’Orient de Saint Lys
V.F. Paul DE FLOTTE, Ex-Maître (IPM)
V.F. Alain COMBACAU, éléémosynaire
Morgann VIAUD, Second Surveillant
Louis FERNANDEZ, Trésorier
R.F. Christian PINARD
T.V.F. Frédéric PINSON
VM (WM) of the Respectable Loge des Sept Troubadours à l’Orient de Toulouse

In total 24 Brethren from France, 19 Brethren and 5 Active Grand Lodge and Provincial Officers were in attendance.

12 of the French Brethren were accompanied by their partners who joined the Brethren and partners from Regeneracion at the Festive Board which was held at the Cafeteria Museo Bellas Artes, Valencia.

Any Brother wishing to visit Regeneración Lodge are welcome to contact the Brother Secretary, their details as well a location map are located within their page of this website.

Lake Como Trip 2019

19th to 24th of June 2019

The annual trip to Italy organised by the Provincial Grand Stewards Lodge under the direction of the Immediate Past Master, V.W.Bro. Rodney Charles Bignell and his lady Jean has been the best attended yet with 57 people traveling to the beautiful Lake Como to stay in the Hotel Britannia Excelsior.

As always the settting was the wonderful Grand Hotel Excelsior, Cadenabbia (also known as the Hotel Britannia Excelsior, Lake Como) the hotel website can be found at….
The hosts were the owners of the hotel, W.Bro. Ross Whieldon and his charming wife Doriana.

Not only is this in  one of the most beautiful settings in the world, but the hotel is renowned for its kitchen and provided wonderful meals and social events each evening.  The undoubted highlight of the trip was a Gala Dinner on the Friday evening.

With this year having been the most popular yet, everyone headed home already thinking ahead to returning.

Mark Well My Son

17th of June 2019

A number of our Brethren in this Province are members of and enjoy working the Mark Degree and have senior positions within the District of Spain.  On Monday the 17th of June in the Temple at Ciudad Quesada, Bro. Rob Crawford, son of W.Bro. Ian Crawford was Installed as the Master of Quesada Summer Mark Lodge No.1867. After being Installed as the Master, W.Bro. Rob Crawford then appointed his father as Secretary of the Lodge.

The District Grand Master was present to congratulate both father and son on a special occasion

In attendance and on an Official Visit to the Lodge (a Lodge that he was the Founding Master of by the way), was the District Grand Master of the District of Spain, R.W.Bro. Barrie Roy Mansell and a number of Grand Officers, District Grand Officers and Brethren.

If you are interested in learning more about this fascinating and very enjoyable Order then please contact the District of Spain, District Grand Secretary at or check in your Craft Lodge, you may be surprised about just how many of your Brothers are already members and would be delighted to assist you in learning more.

The newly Installed Master proudly displays the Warrant of his Lodge will all Brethren that were present for the ceremony