2022 Province of Valencia Extraordinary Assembly

The 2022 Province of Valencia Extraordinary Assembly

On the 23rd April 2022, the 28th Provincial Annual Assembly  was held at the Gran Bali Hotel in Benidorm.  The Assembly was attended by some one hundred Brethren, with dignitaries from other Provinces also being present.

The Provincial Grand Master of Valencia, R.W. Bro. Rodney Charles Bignell, accompanied by his Provincial Officers, was escorted into the Assembly Hall and opened the the 28th annual meeting of the Provincial Grand Lodge of Valencia in due form and with solemn prayer.

The Assistant Grand Master of Spain, R.W. Barrie Roy Mansell, accompanied by the Grand Chancellor, R.W. Bro Anthony John Rolfe, were escorted into the Assembly Hall in due form and welcomed by the Provincial Grand Master.

The Banners of each Lodge were paraded into the Assembly, and the Provincial Grand Master was delighted to note that, when the roll-call of his Lodges was called, their members rose in turn to announce their presence with pride and gusto!

R.W. Bro Rodney Stuart Hales and R.W. Bro. Jeffrey Steven Hyde were appointed, obligated and invested as the Deputy Provincial Grand Master and Assistant Provincial Grand Master respectively and took their seats with pride.

W. Bro. David Michael Beale and W. Bro. Frank Hogg Wallace were appointed, obligated and invested as the Provincial Senior and Junior Grand Wardens respectively and took their places in the Provincial Grand Lodge.

W. Bro. Jesus Morales Garcia, Logia Regeneración  no 132, was elected as the Provincial Grand Orator for the Province of Valencia.

This was followed by the investiture of the Provincial Officers for 2022 – 2023, and  the Past Provincial Officers. For a full list of Provincial Grand Officers, click on the link below:

Provincial Officers

The Provincial Grand Master´s address to the Brethren was full of hope and ambition for the future, with the statement of “Onwards and Upwards” being mentioned. He continued with saying that our fraternity should continue with the Brotherly Love and affection, that Freemasonry portrays. He also added that there are some parts of the ritual that should not be forgotten, as they are are there to enhance our ceremonies for the enjoyment of the Brethren.

At 1345, the Provincial Grand Master, closed the Provincial Grand Lodge.  And,  accompanied by his Provincial Officers and the Assistant Grand Master of Spain, R.W. Barrie Roy Mansell, was escorted from the Assembly Hall.

The Minutes of the Extraordinary Provincial Assembly can be found and downloaded  (here) and ( aqui)

Afterwards, many of the Brethren remarked that this prestigious event, had been run with all the expertise you would expect at such a distinguished event, with an atmosphere of professionalism, enjoyment and excitement being evident.


The Provincial Stewards Lodge was in great form once more, not only with the set up of the Assembly, which you can see from the photo, they were all wearing their smart Provincial Stewards T-Shirts, but offering the dignitaries an elegant and traditional escort, which is always a pleasure to watch.

Thanks go to the brethren for their generosity, as the Alms collected 248€ which will be going to the Brotherly Love and Care fund.

Bro Jorge Prieto Cueto also took some photographs and video footage, of the rehearsal and actual meeting, which can be uploaded (here-aqui )