Sociedad Compás Needs Your Help

Be a ‘Smartie’ and help Sociedad Compás today!

The Sociedad Compás building has recently suffered some subsidence and requires urgent attention.  The Secretary of the Sociedad Compás, R.W.Bro. Barrie Roy Mansell has regularly written to all Lodge Secretaries to ensure that all Brethren are fully updated, the  updates sent so far are available for your review and download:

The main focus of the Committee is to ensure that as well as repairing the problems of the subsidence, plans have been drawn to expand and improve the Sociedad Compás so that it comes through this crisis as a much-improved facility for the good of Freemasonry in the Province of Valencia well into the future. You can see the progress of the work and more details of the plans on the dedicated page of this website or by clicking here/aqui.

The overall project leaves us needing to raise somewhere in the region of 40.000€ and all Lodges and Orders of Further Masonic Improvement that enjoy the use of the Sociedad Compás are encouraged to do what they can towards this initiative in the form of donations and fundraising.

The Smartie Challenge
– We give you a free tube of SMARTIES, you eat and enjoy them and then you return the tube to us filled with 1€ coins, 45 in all. Then you could win a First prize of 15% of the total money collected, Second prize of 10% or Third prize of 5%.
The draw will take place on the 6th of October. Contact Barrie Mansell, Rodney Bignell  or Roy Mitchell for your free tube of Smarties today.

A number of fund raising activities are organised and ne
ed your support:

  • Sunday 26th May @ 7pmMUSICAL BINGO – RAISED 818€
  • Sunday 28th July @2pm RACE AFTERNOON – Fish & Chips or Pie & Chips, just 10€ per person. Please book with Dave Beale at Dave_Beale
  • Sunday 1st September @ 1:30pm – PLOUGHMAN’S LUNCHjust 15€ per person
    – Come and enjoy West Country fayre and music and test your knowledge of the “yokels” language – Book via these email links to Barrie_&_Julie_Mansell or Rod_&_Jean_Bignell
  • Sunday 6th October @ 7pm – COCKNEY PARTY – with ‘Pie & Mash’
  • Saturday 30th November @ 2pm – LADIES AFTERNOON TEA
  • Sunday 15th December @ 6:30pm – CHRISTMAS CAROLS

Booking details will also be distributed via Lodge Secretaries, please put these important event dates in your diary and support them.

SPONSOR A FLOOR TILE – You can sponsor a tile for 10€ each.  A donation chart is available at the bar in Sociedad Compás.  Donators’ names will be displayed for posterity.

Please encourage everyone to support these events and activities to help rescue Sociedad Compás the building where so many of you hold your meetings and functions. Volunteers to assist with any of the above events or who are prepared to organise other fund raising activities are urgently sought. Donations of raffle prizes for any of the events would also be most welcome.

The Masonic Homes Association has made a most excellent contribution of 4,000€ towards the repair and reconstruction and in the photograph shown R.W.Bro. Norman Wheatley and W.Bro. Bernard Wilson (Masonic Homes) are presenting the cheque for 4,000€ to V.W.Bro. Rodney Bignell, Treasurer of the Sociedad Compás.