Valencia Hosts Grand Lodge Assembly 2019

9th March 2019

The Provincial grand Master, R.W. Bro. Michael Anthony Shilan was delighted that the Grand Master of Spain, M.W. Bro. Óscar de Alfonso Ortega selected Valencia as the city to host the 2019 Grand Lodge of Spain Assembly, the 38th Assembly to be held since the reformation of the Grand Lodge of Spain.

The Province of Valencia assisted in the setting-up and running of the Grand Lodge Assembly with a number of items of Masonic Furniture and featuring our recently refurbished Masonic Columns.  All was conducted under the watchful eye of the Grand Director of Ceremonies, R.W. Bro. Jeffrey Hyde who is also a Valencian Mason.

Noting that the Grand Master had entered into Freemasonry within this Province and is an active member of Lodges within the Province, this was very much his ‘home’ and the Grand Master took time in his address to thank the Provincial Grand Master and the Brethren of this Province for their continued support with particular thanks to the Stewards Lodge of Valencia for their work as the Honor Guard along with many Brethren from this Province who also Officiated in other roles at the Assembly.

More than 300 Brethren were gathered together to see the Grand Master of Spain welcome Grand Masters, their representatives and accompanying Brethren representing 32 Grand Lodges from around the world.  A full list can be seen (here/aqui)

One highlight was the handing-over of the Traveling Masonic Bible, known as the ‘Itinerant  Bible’ to W.Bro. Ian Bullock, the Worshipful Master of Caledonia Lodge No.68 within the Province of Valencia. This Bible will now reside in the care of the Brethren of Caledonia Lodge No.68 until it is handed over to the next holders at next years Grand Lodge Assembly.  W.Bro. Ian Bullock is pictured with the Provincial Grand Master and the Traveling Bible.

A number of Brethren from this Province were honored with Grand Rank.  A full list of those receiving Grand Honours and Promotions is available within this website and can be viewed here/aqui