Grand Lodge of Spain 2018 Assembly

10th March 2018 – 10 de marzo de 2018

Brethren form all Provinces of Spain as well as 14 Grand Masters and representatives of 31 Grand Lodges met in Madrid on the 10th of March to celebrate the 2018 Grand Lodge of Spain Assembly.

More than 400 Brethren were gathered together to see the Grand Master of Spain, Most Worshipful Óscar de Alfonso Ortega be once again Installed as the Grand Master having successful won the election that was held across Spain earlier that day.

The Installation ceremony was conducted by the Grand Master of Portugal, the Most Respectable Brother Júlio Meirinhos, who occupied the chair of King Solomon as Grand Master Installer, assisted at Wardens by the Grand Master of German Masonry, the Most Respectable Brother Christoph Bosbach, and the Grand Master of Freemasonry of Paraná (Brazil), the Very Respectable Brother Rubens Martins JR.

In his address to the Assembly the Grand Master thanked the Brethren for the confidence placed in him for a third and final term and he invited all members of Spanish Masonry to reflect on the electoral process and the learning’s from it.

The Grand Master is now elected to lead Spanish Masonry until 2022 and called on all the Brethren of the Grand Lodge of Spain to “restore harmony” and to “live fraternity” because “the strength of our institution resides in the commitment of each of its members with ideals of honor and rectitude, with Brothers like yourselves, the cathedrals were built, it is the time to ask all of us to be generous and forget the moments of tension experienced, because our common work needs us united and our ideals of love and fraternity demand it from us”.

Our Deputy Provincial Grand Master, V.W.Bro. Rodney Charles Bignell received Past Grand Superintendent and with it the title of Very Worshipful Brother.

Many Brethren from the Province of Valencia assisted in the smooth running of the Assembly as well as receiving Active and Past Grand Ranks.  All was conducted under the watchful eye of our own R.W.Bro. Jeffrey Steven Hyde who was surprised by the Grand Master who added an additional presentation, appointing him as Past Junior Grand Warden and with it the title of Right Worshipful Brother.

In his closing address the Grand Master thanked the Grand DC Team for the excellent floor work as well as the Provincial Grand Stewards of Valencia for their assistance.

The full list of Grand Officers within this Province is available for review in the ‘PROVINCIAL EXECUTIVE AND OFFICERS’ section of this website.
Those recognised from the Province of Valencia this year are:

Past Junior Grand Warden /
Grand Director of Ceremonies
Right Worshipful Brother Jeffrey Steven Hyde 2018
Past Grand Superintendent Very Worshipful Brother Rodney Charles Bignell 2018
Assistant Grand Director of Ceremonies Worshipful Brother Alberto Moreno Moreno 2018
Past Assistant Grand Director of Ceremonies Worshipful Brother Graham Simons 2018
Past Assistant Grand Director of Ceremonies Worshipful Brother Paul Anthony Burletson 2018
Past Grand Standard Bearer Worshipful Brother Frank Hammond 2018
Past Grand Standard Bearer Worshipful Brother David Hobden 2018
Past Grand Standard Bearer Worshipful Brother Ian Crawford 2018
Grand Steward Worshipful Brother Yuri Aguilar Sanz 2018

W.Bro. Ian Crawford had a special surprise when his son Robert traveled from England to surprise him the Grand Lodge Assembly and see W.Bro. Ian receive Past Grand Standard Bearer.

At the meeting the Traveling Bible was passed from Lodge Hesperia No.162 to Lodge Comenius No.113 whose Brethren will use it for the next year until passing it on in in March 2019 to a Lodge of their choice.   Lodge San Juan de Cataluña No.1 of was the first to receive the Traveling Bible in 2016 and it will take almost two hundred years to circulate through all of the Lodges of Spanish Masonry.