Gran Conclave Representatives

An opportunity to represent GLPV

January 15th 2018

The Province of Valencia is inviting Brethren to put their names forward for election as one of our FIVE representatives on the Gran Conclave for the next three years.

The Gran Conclave is the Debating Chamber for Grand Lodge Policy and makes recommendations to the Grand Lodge Assembly. It is the link between the brethren of the Provinces and the Grand Lodge. In general major decisions are made by the Gran Conclave. It has to be said that most of the debating takes place in Spanish so a basic understanding of Spanish is required. The Gran Conclave is formed from senior members of Grand Lodge together with the eight Provincial Grand Masters and the elected members from each of the eight Provinces. In total there are about 60 members. Meetings are generally held in Madrid and Barcelona. In principal members have to meet their own costs of traveling and accommodation but at times the Province may provide some financial assistance.

If you are interested in putting your name forward then please do so through your Lodge Secretary as soon as possible.


W.Bro. David C. Watts