Brian William Furlong

Old Tower Nº 49 & Las Salinas Nº 79

Brian was a well-known and well respected Mason and loving family man. All who knew him appreciated him for his “knowing ways”. Masonry was his hobby and he delighted in passing on his vast knowledge to all, no matter what their position or rank. His later years in the UK (before he moved to Spain) were spent as a “professional Tyler”. His “new” masonic career in Spain took on a renewed vigour and he was made an Assistant District Grand Master in the Mark Degree, however it was then that he became ill and was unable to fulfil this office.
His passing, after a short illness, was a very sad loss to us all. A valued member of Old Tower Lodge and Logia de Las Salinas and a senior member in various side degrees. He will be sadly missed.

Rest in Peace Brian